Mar 26, 2009

again, i don't really like how this one turned out after inking.

also, the comics these days totally have to do with each other than that they have the same characters! it's great!

number twenty

Pokemon Stadium copyright Nintendo

Mar 23, 2009

this is the team i'm using in Pokemon Yellow. my pikachu is named Spiro, my Gengar is named Youdlain, my cubone is named Carrabba and my farfetch'd is, of course, named DUX. unfortunately, i can't remember the names of my charizard or my blastoise right now. i haven't played that game in like four or so weeks. when i play it after Easter, i'll probably put up their names on this post.

number nineteen

Pokemon, as always, is copyright Nintendo.

Mar 19, 2009

again, i don't really like how this one turned out because of the inking. i seriously will not be finishing up my comics way late at nite/way early in the morning any more.

number 18

again, Pokemon is copyright Nintendo.

Mar 16, 2009

look! it's ryan! except now i don't usually draw him with shoes.

number seventeen

Mar 12, 2009

see, on this comic, one pen ran out all the way, and i finished it with a sharpie, which was a bad choice. i've found a better pen now, though.

also, look! two comics in a row that have very similar content! things are getting a little more linear!

and remember, you can buy some 'i'm here to see if you can fly with broken wings' stuff at!

number sixteen

Pokemon is still copyright Nintendo

Mar 9, 2009

funny story: i drew this before lent started, and i gave up video games for lent. also, the next few for a little bit are about pokemon.

also, i'm sorry if the comics over the next few weeks don't look the best. there are a few reasons for that.

one) the pen i was originally inking with died, so i had to switch pens during these next few comics.
two) the scanner i'm using has been a little weird, but it's getting better.
three) i inked most or all of these next few at like three in the morning. i will probably not be doing that very much in the future.
and four) i kind of hurried through inking them, so they're a little sloppy.

number fifteen.

Pokemon copyright Nintendo

Mar 5, 2009

i'm not kidding you, that is a real episode. it's amazing.

number fourteen

sesame street copyright Sesame Workshop

Mar 2, 2009

look! it's nicodemus! i think he's a coyote. i'm not really sure. maybe he's a wolf.

also, please remember to check out the cafepress store!

number thirteen