Dec 13, 2012

Dan will be having none of your terrible puns, apparently.


Dec 11, 2012

drawing Elliott blushing is maybe my new favourite thing. also i guess this comic maybe reveals a little bit about some of my google searches? i like chest hair, what can i say.


Dec 6, 2012


Nov 30, 2012

for some reason i seriously get like 5 emails in my spam box from Runescape every day. i've never even played Runescape. i've watched some people playing Runescape back when i was in middle school, but that's it. i have no clue how i got on this email list where they think i am interested in playing Runescape.


Nov 22, 2012

happy Thanksgiving, everyone! i hope you've all had a wonderful day with some delicious food! i am genuinely thankful for each and every one of you that reads my comic! thank you so much!


Nov 15, 2012

i love drawing Elliott being excited about things and Dan being completely unimpressed.

seriously though my neighbors in Animal Crossing live in a video game. what business do they have going to bed at 1 or 2 am?


Nov 14, 2012

sorry for the poor contrast on this one, didn't get a chance to fix it.

also seriously, this song is my new favourite thing:


Nov 9, 2012

i recently found Mario Paint and a mouse for the SNES for just 4 bucks. check out this phat beat i laid down yesterday:


Nov 1, 2012

this isn't even really that accurate. i've been so bad at watching Fringe episodes when they air this season, and i feel bad about it. like i'm going to a movie night at a friend's house tomorrow, so i'll have to tape the new episode. like seriously what am i doing.


Oct 25, 2012

it's true, i  have way too many video games to play. me and Matt are still playing through Borderlands 2, i've only just beaten the Leon campaign on Resident Evil 6, i don't even have my second gym badge on Pokemon White 2, and i've only unlocked ike ten of the 50 or so animals on Tokyo Jungle. i also recently acquired Journey, Flow, and Flower, and have yet to play any of those, and Matt bought Arkham Asylum, which i need to play. it is a tough life i live.


Oct 19, 2012

dear readers: i am so very very sorry that i've been failing so tremendously at keeping up my strict posting schedule. i have been busy working and traveling halfway across the country to visit my absolutely wonderful girlfriend, Ceci. if all goes according to plan i should be getting back on track and posting at least one comic a week, though, and two or three a week when i can.

also i would like to thank Matt for the idea for this post. i think the drawing turned out pretty great.


Oct 4, 2012

yup, i very definitely bought the new Resident Evil game. i've only played a bit of the Leon campaign so far, and i like it a lot.


Sep 28, 2012

you may remember sometime last month i had a comic about working on a piece for an art show. well, the art show happened (back at the end of August/very beginning of September) and i just realised that a lot of you guys probably never saw it. well, here it is!

i contributed this Buizel illustration to the super fantastic 649 Monsters art show, all the proceeds from which went to the great organisation Child's Play. if you go to, you can see all the great art they had, and if you go to the Pokemon Podcast's store, they've got 649 Monsters t-shirts, which have all the artists' names (including mine!) and they've got very limited amounts of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres prints for sale. all the proceeds from those will go to Child's Play, just like the art from the show, so you should check it out!

last i'd heard, 649 Monsters raised at least $1000 for Child's Play, and i'm super grateful for having been able to participate!


Sep 20, 2012

i've been playing through Cave Story over the last week and i totally love it. i'm at the Final Cave, though, and it's pretty tough. hopefully i'll beat the game either tomorrow of the next day.


Sep 19, 2012

meant to be read in a fancy letter-reading voice.

and ps: Jimmy Fallon, you are always invited to any birthday party i ever have. if you show up, we can make it a half-and-half party for the both of us, since our birthdays are so close.


Sep 14, 2012

my current playthrough on my Sapphire cartridge is populated by Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy characters, Kurt Vonnegut characters, and characters from old movies. it's pretty great.


Sep 7, 2012

seriously, Nintendo, that is some good storytelling. well, all of Majora's Mask is, really. that game makes me cry so much.


Aug 31, 2012

this one goes out to the wonderful Ceci, who has told me that she has a crush on every single character from Final Fantasy X.

also seriously, such a cutie:


Aug 21, 2012

i've been very slowly replaying Majora's Mask lately, and man, do i love that game. also, the Mirror Shield is wicked creepy. i mean dude, it's got like an agonised face reflected in it, ugh. like, why would they design an item to look like that?


Aug 20, 2012

it's true, i do have art in an art show coming up, but i haven't actually been this stingy about showing it. i've shown i think my immediate family and my girlfriend, but that's it.

anyway, i've got a piece of art in the forthcoming 649 Monsters, put together by the absolutely awesome folks at It's Super Effective, in Milwaukee from August 31st to September 1st.

you can find out all the details about this super awesome art show at their site, if you're gonna be in the Milwaukee, WI area around the end of the month, please check it out! all the art will be up for auction, with the money going to the awesome organisation Child's Play!


Aug 16, 2012

seriously, i went into the game determined to prevent him from dying on the floating continent, and i had no clue what i was doing and welp, what do you know, he's dead now. and then i saved, and my only older save was from like five hours into the game. i've got Gogo and Mog in my party now, though, so that's cool.


Aug 9, 2012

apparently in Elliott and Dan's apartment they have a couch large enough to potentially play Five on a Couch? i mean look how long that couch is.


Aug 4, 2012

i feel absolutely terrible that i missed my Thursday update. i'm so so so sorry, you guys. hopefully this extra long comic at least partially makes up for it? also, just so you know, i'm going out of town with my family for about a week, so there won't be any updates for a little while. i'm planning on posting a comic on probably Saturday, August 11.

also, cool news! i've got a two-page comic in an Idaho comics magazine a friend is putting together! he's got a kickstarter for the project going at, and there's a little over a week left! any backing you can do would be fantastic, and even if you can just signal boost it, i'd greatly appreciate it!

also here's the song that's referenced, if you're wondering:


Jul 31, 2012

to be continued, hopefully tomorrow!


Jul 28, 2012


Jul 26, 2012

this is the first comic that's had Ryan in a good while, and i totally couldn't remember what he looked like at first.


Jul 24, 2012

this one goes out to the super wonderful Ceci, with whom i had the great pleasure of watching Rushmore a couple days ago. i do not actually own a DVD of this film yet, but i should probably buy it soon.


Jul 19, 2012

majour thanks to Dave Mcneill for sharing some Faygo with me (and a few other people) last night. good deal.

also i just want to add: i am not trying to make fun of Juggalos or anyone who likes Faygo. i say, if you like something, and it's not harming anyone, that's awesome. you like it as much as you can. like it so much it makes you cry, like it so much you go out of your way to get it, like it so much that it matters more to you than anything else. if you like Faygo, that's awesome. i, personally, find it to be a little sharp and sweet, but whatever floats your boat. and i do still find it fun to drink.


Jul 16, 2012

probably i sing out loud way more often than i realise.


Jul 13, 2012

songs featured:


Jul 6, 2012

this one goes out to my friend Richell, who has been known to be a little... creative with her bacon transportation in the past.


Jul 5, 2012

i debated what amount of time to have had Elliott spend on the computer. i wanted it to be long enough to be ridiculous, but i didn't want to, i guess, maybe point out how much time i spend on the computer everyday.


i know it's technically a little after Independence Day now, but happy Fourth of July! i hope you were all super free and liberated and everything.


Jun 28, 2012

this comic is subtitled "maybe trap books just send you to the 90s."

Jun 26, 2012

i know that most of the main actors were the people who worked on the planning and programming of the games, but still. even playing just one minor role, like one of the people who looks through the peephole on their door in that village in Riven, would be so great.

also, is it just me, or does the guy who plays Saavedro in Myst 3 look kind of like an older Chris Kattan?


it's true, they have some pretty wicked Pokemon toys in Happy Meals at the McDonald's. i've already got a couple Woobats, a Pikachu, and a Servine, and i'm hoping to get the rest before they switch to Ice Age toys.


Jun 24, 2012

i've actually had the idea of using "the hopelist" in my webcomic brewing in my head for at least a year. at first, i thought about having it be a pseudo-magical object, the songs on which were unidentifiable even when looking up lyrics on the internet, but decided against it.

i may post a tracklist or potential tracklist for the hopelist in the future, but i don't have it ready today, i'm sorry.


Jun 21, 2012


Jun 14, 2012

honestly, i have trouble thinking of a better place to be than in a car at night with friends, singing your hearts out to "Blister in the Sun" by the Violent Femmes.

and then, when the song gets quiet, everyone drops down to a whisper, and the car becomes, for a split second, completely silent. eventually the vocals come back in, and you and your friends just shout out the words as loud as you can, and everything is real and magical and perfect.


Jun 12, 2012


Jun 8, 2012

i really like these comics right now because they're weirdly serious and emotional. if you're missing the usual silliness, don't worry, i'll be getting back to that pretty soon.


Jun 5, 2012

sorry this one's a little diagonal, i've been having some scanner issues lately.


Jun 1, 2012

i felt sort of weird writing this comic, since it references Clem's car, The Ocelot, and it's been like years since that car was talked about by name, and maybe even at all. also i kind of really like how these last few comics and the next few comics coming up are turning out. i feel they're well written and i'm pretty proud of them

also i think i've been losing some definition in my scanning of these last few comics? i'm sorry about that and i'll look into it.


May 31, 2012

if all goes according to plan, i'll have another comic for you guys tomorrow! i had a nice time at work drawing comics all night, because we were really slow and i had a lot of free time.

also, are you guys interested in good music? lately i've been listening to a lot of Dylan Sizemore, and i definitely recommend you check his stuff out. as a warning, though, some of his music (but not this song) does swear.


May 30, 2012

sorry my comics posting has been a little lax lately. i will, if all goes according to plan, be fixing that over the next little bit. i have a good deal of updates planned for the next while. also, it's kind of weird writing non-joke comics that are more of story building than anything else, just so you know.


May 24, 2012

more dance lessons from Elliott. this time, how to do The Daddy-O!

also, i forgot to say before: all credit for the cold dance, and at least partial credit for the Daddy-O and The Romero should go to my brother, Matt.


May 17, 2012

kip-ups are pretty hard, man. i've sort of been working on doing one, but they're super tough.