Jan 31, 2013

this one goes out to the ever-wonderful Ceci, to whom i recently (sort of) sang this eggs song. i just love scrambled eggs a whole lot.


Jan 25, 2013

not a comic, but here's a pretty great drawing i did with Mel's help and based on an idea from Mel for an Art Club project back in high school. i should have a new comic within the next few days!


Jan 23, 2013

also Happy Endings might get shelved? what the heck am i supposed to do with my life now?

anyway, as of Monday the 21st, i've been doing this webcomic for four years! that's pretty intense and i'm pretty proud of myself. i did have like a four or five month hiatus back in 2009, and i did miss about a month just recently (and again, i'm really sorry about that), but i've still averaging about two comics a week. as you can see, i'm approaching four hundred comics! woo! i'd like to give majour thanks to everyone who's ever read or shared or enjoyed my comics. i love all of you.


Jan 18, 2013

gaaaaah me and Jessica have been watching Fringe since the beginning, i don't know that i'm ready for it to be oveeeeer


it's true, i very definitely don't draw enough anymore, especially when it comes to comics. i'm trying to fix that.


Jan 12, 2013

oh, dudes, i'm seriously so sorry that i disappeared for like three weeks. i got busy and sick and i did a lot of traveling (first to California for Christmas with the extended family, and then to Missouri to visit my wonderful girlfriend, Ceci). but i'm back now, and i'm planning on getting back to my regular schedule, so be expecting updates here again!

also,  my super amazing girlfriend was so kind as to list my minicomics on her etsy, http://www.etsy.com/shop/echosapothecary! so if you don't want to use my paypal buttons, you can buy them there! she also makes amazing teas you can get on her etsy, and i really recommend checking it out!

and again, i'm seriously sorry i haven't posted anything here in forever.