Oct 31, 2011

i really like how those drawings of Elliott's Lucca costume turned out. seriously, this idea makes me really want to dress as Lucca for Halloween pretty bad. also, this comic is dedicated to Matt, who dressed up as Velma from Scooby Doo super awesomely this year!


Oct 27, 2011

i'm not actually dressing as Lucca this year, but i have been playing a lot of Chrono Trigger lately, and i recently thought that it'd be cool to dress as Lucca, 'cause she's one of my top favourite video game characters ever.


Oct 24, 2011

i just love Zingers so much, you guys.

seriously, they're so good, oh man.


Oct 20, 2011

i'm not actually that messy when i use my india ink, i'm just really not very confident with it and have trouble getting it to work the way i want.


Oct 13, 2011

i feel like even after watching just like 2 episodes of Doctor Who, i was a superfan and super snob. i dunno. it was super quick, and i know hardly anything about the show, really.


Oct 10, 2011

actually, now, i've seen a bunch more episodes with the Tenth Doctor, and the first few episodes with the Ninth Doctor. also, this comic is dedicated to Matt, Miles, Ceci, and anyone else who loves Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor.


Oct 6, 2011

this comic is subtitled "If you're not listening to Say Anything, I don't know what you're doing with your life."

also, did you guys read this new interview with Max Bemis of Say Anything that AltPress did? so great! i'm definitely pumped about their new album.


Oct 4, 2011

seriously, Ernie Sabella's voice is sooo good. i don't understand why he's not a voice actor for every animated movie ever.