Jun 24, 2010

also, remember that time when John Favreau was Monica's boyfriend, but then everyone found out he was way rich and it was crazy, but then he went even crazier and he decided to spend all of his money on training to become the ultimate fighter in the octagon? that was insane.

also, i would definitely recommend seeing the movie "I Love You, Man." it was great.

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Jun 21, 2010

look, i switched back to the gimp! the difference is so obvious, it's crazy. really, graphic converter slaughtered my scanned images.

and in case you're wondering, elliott and clementine are dancing to the song "Chips Ahoy." basically, that's a super great song. and i really like elliott's jazz hands he's got going on, and the expression on his face in frame 3 turned out perfectly, i think.

number 129

Jun 17, 2010

again, i'm sorry for the low image quality. i really don't know what happened.

also, at some point in high school, i started calling the little strings that tighten/loosen your hood on a hoodie or jacket 'jacket noodles.' i learned it from on Josh Williams. if you remember from a previous comic, he is also the one i learned 'where do the dogs go?' from. and in case you forgot, the answer is to the pound.

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Jun 14, 2010

one: blogger has been acting weird when it comes to posting photos recently. i don't know what's up with it. it doesn't have me click 'done' once the photo has finished uploading, so it's kinda strange. i dunno. there aren't any negative effects, but it's different.

and two: i'm not a fan of what Graphic Converter does to my scanned images. i'll have to stick with the Gimp and Photoshop. sorry for the low quality on this comic and maybe the next one.

number 127

Jun 10, 2010

this is number 126

Jun 8, 2010

woo! more steampunkery! i'll be finishing up this story arc probably on thursday, if everything goes according to plan. also, i'm not really sure what happened to clementine's eyes in frame 3. they didn't quite work out the way i wanted, but whatever.

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Jun 3, 2010

look, it's winfield! i figured i'd give you guys a full body shot, since he's pretty much way awesome.

also, i thought maybe it would be cool if i did a little featurette on some of the cool comics i like to read! every so often in the future, i'm gonna tell you all about a comic or artist that/who i really enjoy or that/who inspires me. tonite, i thought i'd share Get Fuzzy with you guys!

Get Fuzzy is a really fantastic comic by one Darby Conley ("a man called Darby Conley," for those of you who were at Senor Iguana's last nite) about a man (Rob), his dog (Satchel Pooch) and his cat (Bucky Katt).

here's Bucky. he's crazy.

and here's Satchel, he's my favourite.

so, Get Fuzzy was the first comic that i really read. back when i was in high school, i would visit comics.com every morning to read it, and i even bought the first six collection books, and they're absolutely wonderful. Darby Conley is a brilliant comic writer. his comics are constantly funny, deeply touching, and sometimes nerdy. i definitely recommend it, especially if you have experience with dogs, cats or both. look, here's a somewhat recent comic!

Get Fuzzy

you can read more at http://comics.com/get_fuzzy/.

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Jun 2, 2010

sky kraken are vicious monsters, and if you can avoid them, i really recommend that you do.
also, i recently told matt and i think elizabeth o'brien and maybe one other person that i would soon be posting a webcomic in which i made a joke about the German language. just so you know, this is it.

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