Jan 31, 2010

this was going to be the one year post that i did, because it's supposed to mirror the first comic, you know, cause they're both about silly letters elliott writes to his sister, but i lost track of the date and didn't have this scanned in time for the yeariversary.

this is post 91

Jan 24, 2010

i really like how elliott's face turned out in that third frame of this one, which is great, because i inked him once and it turned out completely awful, so i had to draw him again somewhere else and copy and paste after i had the comic scanned, so that's nice. also, seriously, i would really ike some teddy grahams. they're delicious.

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Teddy Grahams copyright Nabisco

Jan 21, 2010

here's some news: the one year anniversary of this webcomic is today! i'll have another comic up soon [hopefully in the next like two days or something] and the next one after that might be next thursday. i'm not a hundred percent sure.

anyways, thank you guys so much for reading! i hope you've bene enjoying it!

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Jan 14, 2010

sorry it took me so long, but here's the last two pages!

also, to all the people who got my Christmas Cards, if you have a facebook, you can put them up on the facebook and tag me in them and i'll get them, so that'll work if it's easy for you.

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Jan 5, 2010

here's two more pages of the Christmas special! hopefully i'll have the last two pages up within the next few days! thanks for reading!

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