Sep 26, 2013

to go with my Green Arrow i drew a couple weeks ago, i figured i should draw Black Canary and Arsenal as well. i'm a big fan of all of these characters (and maybe i could draw CHance and Ainsley as Mia and Connor? hmm)


Sep 20, 2013

i love ABBA, and i love the song "Take a Chance on Me," and i love the movie Mamma Mia, but seriously, some of the singing (and some of the writing, and some of the acting) in that movie are not super good.


Sep 12, 2013

i've been rereading some my Green Arrow comics over the last little bit and i like them a lot. there were a lot of cool stories involving GA between like 2001 and the DC reboot (also he continued to kind of be a sexist jerk throughout, unfortunately)#424

Sep 6, 2013

for the record, i've actually completed a Rubik's cube twice. i'm pretty proud of myself. but seriously me and Ceci were playing Scrabble online tonight and i got a bingo and it was so incredible. so incredible.