Jun 23, 2011

sorry for no real webcomic post today! instead, here's a little comic i drew on sunday, about my walk to church. seriously, Elliott Smith's music is all soooo good.

this is #251

Jun 16, 2011

seriously, a good rain is the greatest smell in the universe.

this is number 250!

Jun 14, 2011

Tree Stab, part 3: "Crazy Talk."

this is #249

Jun 12, 2011

more details on my tree stab adventures. seriously, it hurt pretty bad.

also, in case you haven't noticed, for these last couple comics i've been using a different pen for the lettering, it's a lot clearer than that Pitt B pen, for sure. what do you guys think?

number 248

Jun 9, 2011

true story, to be continued over the next few days.

this is number 247

Jun 6, 2011

can you guys read these comics when i use this pen? it's a lot harder to write clear, so i dunno.

this is number 246

Jun 2, 2011


also, no offense if drawing a ton of Lion King fan art is your thing. i just think that trope, of the person who does that all the time, is kind of funny. also, i mean, i draw a comic where the main characters are animals of various kinds, so that's basically Disney movie fan art right there, though not necessarily Lion King, so it's not like i have all that much room to talk, right?

this is number 245