May 31, 2010

one: steampunk is probably the greatest thing ever. two: sometimes these awesome steampunks (or steampunkers?) go to the Comedy Project and the other events/concerts at the Gateway Theatre, and it's pretty cool. once i saw them at a wizard rock concert (i saw The Whomping Willows, Catchlove and Justin Finch-Fletchley and the Sugar Quills. basically, it was amazing).

also, i really wish i had some cool steampunk goggles.

number 122

May 28, 2010

Dear Jimmy,
How are things? I saw your show last nite, it was pretty much amazing. Also, that animal expert you have on, Jeff Musial, he's insane. When he like threw that badger at you, I thought you were gonna die, or at the very least, pee your pants.
Unfortunately for me and my brother, who watch your show pretty much every nite, we live in the wrong time zone, so the video chat for 'Watch Jimmy with Jimmy' week is happening while Jay Leno is on, so we can't participate. Super lame, right?
Anyways, I'll talk to you later. I hope your show tonite goes well, I bet it'll be great.

post 121

May 25, 2010

for the record, Dippin' Dots are awesome. also, you may notice that in the comic, i wrote it as "dip'n'dots," but here in my writing, i called them "Dippin' Dots." that's because i went to the website and found out how it's really spelled just now.

but yeah, my brother matt likes to buy Dippin' Dots [well, it's actually not that brand, if i remember correctly, but it's the same product] when they go on clearance sometimes, and it's great. also, the first time i had them was at Lagoon in The Lake. good times, good times.

this is number 120

May 20, 2010

no, i didn't apply at the local Zumies recently. i did like a year ago, though, and i'm pretty sure i just wasn't skateboardy/snowboardy enough to get the job. also, i would've felt really weird working at a Zumies, so it's really okay that i didn't get the job.

and another thing: i've been reading a whole lot of comics of many varieties recently, and i think i'm going to start telling you guys at least once a month about the ones i really like. you know, the ones that are inspiring me, or really holding my attention, or that i think are worth a mention. so yeah. that'll be coming soon, like maybe next week? so yeah. be on the lookout for that. it's gonna be awesome.

this is number 119

May 2, 2010

this comic is dedicated to Harley Chester Rude. today's his birthday, so i drew this one for him. he was amazing at eating cupcakes in as few bites as possible. also he was known to eat muffin wrappers by way of inhalation. it was awesome.

and i should be back to regular posting schedule this week, if everything goes according to plan. i've got a lot planned for the coming months, and it's gonna be awesome, so keep an eye out.

this is post 118