May 15, 2014

hey guys! i know it's been a while since i posted anything and i'm sorry! my life's been pretty weird lately so i was taking a little break! in case you don't know, i recently lost my job! i've been trying to figure that out, and as part of that, i'm taking commissions!

pay me whatever you want (as low as a dollar even!) and i'll draw something for you! i can do a few different media, as shown above, and i can make minimally animated gifs. the more you pay the more work/time/detail i'll put into your art, and if you want to pay more than like 6 bucks and i do traditional art i can probably send the original to you (in the contiguous united states, sorry)!

i'll draw almost anything for you (except for probably not safe for work stuff)! just send me an email at pete_rude[at] if you're interested, or paypal me some money at that same email address with a message of what you'd like! i'll draw your original characters, i'll do a portrait of your pet, i'll draw you and your girlfriend playing video games together, i'll even draw comics for you if you want!