Oct 25, 2012

it's true, i  have way too many video games to play. me and Matt are still playing through Borderlands 2, i've only just beaten the Leon campaign on Resident Evil 6, i don't even have my second gym badge on Pokemon White 2, and i've only unlocked ike ten of the 50 or so animals on Tokyo Jungle. i also recently acquired Journey, Flow, and Flower, and have yet to play any of those, and Matt bought Arkham Asylum, which i need to play. it is a tough life i live.


Oct 19, 2012

dear readers: i am so very very sorry that i've been failing so tremendously at keeping up my strict posting schedule. i have been busy working and traveling halfway across the country to visit my absolutely wonderful girlfriend, Ceci. if all goes according to plan i should be getting back on track and posting at least one comic a week, though, and two or three a week when i can.

also i would like to thank Matt for the idea for this post. i think the drawing turned out pretty great.


Oct 4, 2012

yup, i very definitely bought the new Resident Evil game. i've only played a bit of the Leon campaign so far, and i like it a lot.