Feb 26, 2009

here's elliott. some of you may recognise this a very similar to a picture i drew a while ago. i changed a couple things, though.

also, matt: just so you know, i tried having text when you move the mouse over the image, but it didn't work for some reason.

oh! and a fairly important thing! here's the link to my cafepress store! you can buy all kinds of wonderful 'i'm here to see if you can fly...' stuffs, like hoodies, buttons, i think there's a shirt, stickers, a tote bag, and i don't remember what else! it's crazy! please check it out!

number twelve

Feb 23, 2009

next on the queue for elliott is Rock-A-Doodle [copyright Sullivan Bluth Studios]

here's a new comic. i like this one. also, i really like drawing eyebrows on daniel. they're fun.

also, i'm working on setting up a cafepress store thing, so maybe you'll be able to buy things related to my webcomic, like shirts, buttons, stickers and things? would you guys be interested in something like that?

number eleven

The Descent copyright Celador Films and My Neighbor Totoro copyright Studio Ghibli.

Feb 22, 2009

okay, here's the valentine's day [DOIT! DOIT with your VALENTIME!] comic i drew. i like it a lot, except for some reason the scanner killed it a little bit.

but to tell you the truth, i'm not too bummed about that. for forever, i've been seeing artists say things like, "sorry it looks so bad... the scanner ruined it... it looks a lot better in real life." and now that i'm saying the same thing, i feel like a real artist. it's like when i first played chords in front of people on the guitar and i actually felt like a real musician.

and here's a sketch of elliott. this is the first picture i ever drew of him. he doesn't look exactly the same these days, but he's pretty close.

also, in case you're wondering, i'm uploading all of these pictures to a photobucket account, then pasting the image in this blog. otherwise, the picture isn't the right size. i'm not really sure why.

number ten

Romeo + Juliet copyright Baz Lurhmann

Feb 18, 2009

i'm sorry that i haven't posted any new comics in a while. i've had some computer issues.

here's the comic i originally planned on posting last thursday. also, i had a comic specifically for valentine's day that i hope to post tomorrow.

number nine

Feb 10, 2009

here's ryan!

number 8

Feb 7, 2009

'Myst' is a great game. plus, i totally dominate at it. also, i'm currently thinking of playing through 'Riven' again. i haven't played that in years.

on an unrelated note, bradley cooper is not my favourite SNL host. but Bjork is awesome.

number 7

Feb 5, 2009

this one has ryan, another character i've planned out. technically, he's the first character i ever drew. he'll be featured more in the future.

number 6

Feb 2, 2009

i originally intended on putting this up a lot earlier in the day, but i kind of forgot.

this is a sketch of a character named nicodemus. i drew this before i drew any comics, just to get the idea of his character down. in the future, i'll be putting up more sketches like this of other characters.

also, this is the nick who was mentioned in the second comic. i've got big plans for him in the future. plus, he's a total hipster.

oh, and it says "light grey or brown fur" because i haven't decided yet. and i'm not really sure what kind of animal he is. a coyote or wolf, probably. i don't know which one, though.

and in case you don't know, you can leave comments on each individual post i make here on the blogspot page, or you can contact me at imheretoseeifyoucanfly@yahoo.com.

number 5