Mar 27, 2012

it's true, i'm seeing Say Anything in concert on Thursday in Salt Lake. i'm so very excited about it, oh man.

also, partially due to my attendance of said concert and partially due to limited computer access, i can't promise an update on Thursday. i'm terribly sorry. i'll see what i can do but don't expect a new comic. i should be back to regular schedule next week, though.


Mar 22, 2012

also i forgot to mention with the last comic: i think the two witnesses who sign your will it are supposed to not inherit anything. also if you have a lawyer notarize it or whatever, and if you officially have your state file it, it'll speed up the process of acting it out after you die, but they're not necessary.


Mar 20, 2012

for those of you wondering, as far as i can tell, all you really need to have a will legalised is for two witnesses to sign it.

also, i am making PayPal buttons for Half-Size issues 4 and 5 right now! they're 3 dollars each with a dollar shipping per comic. here's what the covers look like:

they should be working in my store right now!

EDIT: as was brought to my attention by my friend Erin, some of the Paypal buttons were acting a little strange, but that has all been cleared up now! they should all be working fine!


Mar 19, 2012

seriously, nothing feels better, except maybe a good cry.

also, i have been making copies of Half-Size #4 and #5! i might be able to put up links to buy them tonight, i'm not quite sure. it might have to wait until tomorrow. or, if you see me in person, i'll very likely have copies of them in my messenger bag, so you can buy one from me that way.


Mar 15, 2012

seriously, Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a good movie, and it was a well made horror movie, but it freaked me out. once i finished it i took a shower, made some hot chocolate, and watched The Lion King. so basically i did all of my pamper-myself stuff, short of buying a pizza, since it was like 2 am.

also Texas Chainsaw Massacre totally made me cry, just so everyone knows.


Mar 13, 2012

my number one top most favourite band of all time, Say Anything, had a brand new album come out today! it's called Anarchy, My Dear, and it's very good! you can buy it at!

also, this comic is based on a very true story! here's a photograph of my outfit today:

i loves me some Say Anything. also, they're going on tour over the next couple months! i'm planning on going to the show in Salt Lake City, Utah, on March 29th! you can find all of their tour dates at!

this is comic number 324!

Mar 12, 2012

no new webcomic strip today, but i figured i should post something. so here's a short little fairy tale comic i made about Death! i hope you like it. i'll be printing some copies of it in the near future hopefully, and they'll be a dollar each.

also, i've finished both Half-Size #4 and Half-Size #5! i've just got to make some copies and set things up for them, so i should have both available for sale here later this week, i hope. those'll be three bucks each, as Half-Size always is.


Mar 8, 2012

it's true! PBS Kids Go is having a writing contest for children! are you or someone you know a burgeoning writer in kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade? why not enter the PBS Kids Go Writers Contest? you can find more information at, or, if you live in Idaho (as i do), you can go to unfortunately, the deadline for this contest is April 1, 2012! that's right! you've only got a couple more weeks to enter!

also, if i understand correctly, Idaho Public Television is currently celebrating Festival! you can tune in to watch their great programing, and if you feel so inclined, you can help support Idaho Public Television and PBS by donating at!


Mar 6, 2012

i love Hamtaro. that show is wicked good.

also, it's very very hard to find any actual clips of Hamtaro on the internet, but here's Hamtaro's dance from the closing credits.


Mar 1, 2012

i haven't actually given up chocolate milk for Lent this year, but i have in the past. one such year, my awesome friend Ayla, to whom this comic is dedicated, did basically exactly what Clementine does in this comic, but to a much larger degree. it was pretty awesome.

also, with this comic, i do not mean to vilify people who taunt or tempt or joke in this manner with people who make Lenten sacrifices. actually, i'm all for the temptation being presented. if you're not tempted to partake of the things you give up for Lent, then what's the point of giving them up? if you have no interest in doing them, giving them up will very likely hardly be a big deal. one of my friends (woo Tom!) attends the University of Notre Dame, and if i remember correctly, he told me last year that since it is a Catholic school (and despite portions of the student body not being Catholic themselves), they do not serve any meat on campus on Fridays during Lent; he went on to tell me that as a practicing Catholic who abstains from eating meat on Fridays in Lent, he wishes they would have meat options. when no meat is even available, it's hardly a choice to not eat meat. so if i tell you what i give up for Lent, feel free to tempt me with it.

also as a sidenote, i do not speak for all Catholics when i say this, so you might not want to take this as an end-all-beat-all point of view for when dealing with people who give things up for Lent. i cannot say for sure that all people who make Lenten vows will appreciate the behaviour i have advocated in the last paragraph, but i, personally, am fine with it.