Sep 29, 2011

sorry if all this Lion King stuff is too much, it's almost done. the movie's in the theatres for (i think) just a couple more nights, and then it comes out on dvd in less than a week! so excited.


Sep 22, 2011


Sep 19, 2011

based on a true story, inspired by "I Just Can't Wait to be King" from The Lion King. also, if you are able, i definitely recommend that you see it in 3d in the theatre. i think it's in theatres for another week and a half-ish.


Sep 15, 2011

as it turns out, today is my birthday! woo! also, Jimmy Fallon's birthday is in just a couple days!

also, i really like how Elliott's scheming face turned out here, it worked out just the way i wanted. pretty pumped about it.


Sep 13, 2011

seriously, i am so excited for seeing The Lion King in the theatre. oh man.

this is number 277

Sep 12, 2011

bah, seriously, it's so weird being sorted into Gryffindor, i'm completely bewildered. i love Gryffindor, for sure, and my favourite character in all of HP (Neville Longbottom) is a Gryffindor, but i'm just pretty sure that i don't have the bravery that is so exemplary, so expected of Gryffindors, and everything Hufflepuff is everything i want. i dunno, it's weird.


Sep 9, 2011

Dear Jimmy,
I'm so excited for your 500th show tonite! I look forward to Late Night every nite it's on, and you've really put together a great show. It's so great you're reaching 500 episodes! I myself am getting kind of close to 300 posts on this webcomic, and I hope I make it to as many episodes as you've got! Please keep it up, the show's seriously fantastic! Thanks for all the laughs thus far, and I'm way excited for more in the future!

p.s.: I think it's hilarious that two nites in a row your guests have commented on your old hair styles! So funny!


Sep 8, 2011

this is number 274

Sep 7, 2011

seriously, if you get a refill of your popcorn on your way out at the Reel Theatre here in Pocatello, ID, they'll cover it with plastic wrap so you don't lose any. it's great.

also, until the end of September, the Pocatello Reel Theatre (and possibly other Reel Theatres? i'm not sure) is doing Customer Appreciation Days, so all tickets are only $1.50, and there's great deals on popcorn and sodas. if you're in town, i definitely recommend going and supporting them, seeing good movies, and getting great deals at the cinema.

also, this is the last of my "going to the movies" story arc, so we'll be moving on to other stuff on thursday!


Sep 1, 2011

again, dedicated to Spencer Lewis. and we're almost through with the movie theatre arc! i hope you've enjoyed it!