May 30, 2013

i recently learned about the game Delver and it's seriously super great. it's a roguelike dungeon crawler with old school style graphics (i guess similar to Minecraft) and it's really fun. it's still in development right now but you can get the version that's available (plus the updates as they come out) for pretty cheap on the site.

also, i recently had a comic, called Kenny Heart Tracy Forever, in the second issue of Idaho Comix Underground! you can download it for free at, but as a warning it might not be safe for children. i know it contains at least one f-word.


May 23, 2013

seriously, Animal Crossing is about to come out, and i've been eyeing Kentucky Route Zero for a while now (i should have bought it when it was on sale for the 18 dollars, uugghhh), and if i buy Baldur's Gate, i get a sweet game AND i can play multiplayer with Ceci. life is tough.


May 16, 2013

with the help of my amazing girlfriend Ceci, i've been getting into the Sailor Moon a bit recently, and I've gotta tell you, it's brilliant. i definitely recommend watching the show or reading the manga if you're at all able.


May 10, 2013

i'm really enjoying the Animorphs books so far, i definitely wish i had read them when i was younger. i am missing i think 9 of the books though. if, perchance, you happen to have a few Animorphs book from later in the series that you don't want, feel free to let me know, because i might be interested. i don't remember right now which ones exactly i'm missing (i think #38, a couple in the 40s, #54, and Visser, and maybe a couple more) but i have them written down somewhere. also, if you're a fan of the Animorphs books, i'd love to talk about them with you sometime! i'm only a few books into the series at this point, so please no majour spoilers, but i'm getting there!

and heck, i am seriously awful at keeping this updated and i'm really sorry.