a tiger. kinda girly,  very nerdy, and pretty emo. he likes to wear hoodies and play the guitar. our main character.

a husky. elliott's roommate. a lot more manly than elliott. he actually has arm muscles. likes to play soccer (or futbol, really) and sometimes smokes cigars.

a corgi. dan's cousin. has really good taste in music.

 a coyote or wolf, no one's quite sure. a total hipster. plays the guitar and always wears a castro hat. loves v-necks and vests. only listens to your favourite band's old stuff (their new album isn't anything close to what they used to be like, before they got famous). some people call him "Nick" for short.

a bear. very emo.


 elliott's pet dog. smells pretty bad. likes eating things in as few bites as possible, wrappers and all.

a cat. pretty weird. ainsley's boyfriend. a proud Gryffindor. looks just like Chance from SWAT Kats.

a bobcat. kind of quiet. chance's girlfriend. has not read the Harry Potter books.

an otter. doesn't like elliott. clem's boyfriend. dressed as Donnie Darko for Halloween.

a ghost bird. very mysterious character.

a cat. friends with clem. she's pretty cool and pretty much everyone likes her. has great sense of style.