Dec 25, 2015

merry christmas and happy holidays!! sorry i went like a full week without posting anything, i was hoping to avoid that but things caught up with me. i hope the holiday season is wonderful for you, and this winter is easy! thanks for reading!


Dec 14, 2015

i don't really know why i've been drawing Dan with short sleeves? i feel like he's always worn long sleeves before and these recent drawings have been weird. whatever though, he's branching out with his fashion i guess


Dec 10, 2015

and another comic! two in as many days. i'm right back in the swing of things. i'm planning on posting again on monday!


Dec 9, 2015

let's see if i can remember how this website works...

who could have guessed that after all this time i'd be back with a new strip out of nowhere?? i'm hoping to get back into this webcomic so we'll see how things go!