May 15, 2014

hey guys! i know it's been a while since i posted anything and i'm sorry! my life's been pretty weird lately so i was taking a little break! in case you don't know, i recently lost my job! i've been trying to figure that out, and as part of that, i'm taking commissions!

pay me whatever you want (as low as a dollar even!) and i'll draw something for you! i can do a few different media, as shown above, and i can make minimally animated gifs. the more you pay the more work/time/detail i'll put into your art, and if you want to pay more than like 6 bucks and i do traditional art i can probably send the original to you (in the contiguous united states, sorry)!

i'll draw almost anything for you (except for probably not safe for work stuff)! just send me an email at pete_rude[at] if you're interested, or paypal me some money at that same email address with a message of what you'd like! i'll draw your original characters, i'll do a portrait of your pet, i'll draw you and your girlfriend playing video games together, i'll even draw comics for you if you want!


Apr 22, 2014

i'm sorry i missed posting this on thursday, i've had a weird week (including Easter, my mom visiting, and weird job stuff). also in the Easter spirit, this comic is Jesus Christ Superstar-inspired! so good, it's one of my favourite musicals.


Apr 11, 2014

i started playing Minecraft recently and it's pretty fun. i like being able to explore, i've been voyaging down into these deep caverns and making a troll kingdom. it's pretty great. also if you play minecraft and want to play as your favourite tiger, Elliot (tm), i've made a skin you can use! check it out:

now that i've figured out how to make skins it's actually pretty cool and i might try making more cool ones in the future, who knows.


Apr 4, 2014

yeah, Mey introduced me to 2048 recently. i'm not very good at it and i don't even know how fun it is but it's really addicting. if you want, you can play it at


Mar 28, 2014

i've been playing the game Shelter over the last few days and it's really cool and i liked it a lot, but sometimes it's pretty stressful. there's just so many dangers you have to protect your little badger children from, gosh. anyway, i'd definitely recommend it if you like animals or low-poly games. as i said though, it can be pretty sad and stressful though, and if you can't handle video game animal death then it's probably not for you. it was really fun, though.


Mar 22, 2014

Animal Crossing is serious business. i've still been successfully checking my town, talking to my villagers, and watering my flowers every day since the game came out, and i'm pretty proud about it. real talk, though, watering all my flowers and picking up all my fruit can be a lot of work. i have gotten fairly good at growing golden roses though, so that's really sweet.


Mar 14, 2014

i do think i'd look pretty cute with a septum piercing, 'cause septum piercings are really really cute n cool, but i'm pretty afraid of pain and stuff so i don't know. we'll have to see i guess


Mar 13, 2014

i recently played the original Tomb Raider and the Unfinished Business expansion, and it was really great! it was really challenging but really fun+rewarding, i definitely recommend it. i picked up basically the entire Tomb Raider series from when they were on sale a couple months ago. if you like old PC games, you should definitely check out GOG, they're really awesome. now i'm playing the original Fallout before i move on to Tomb Raider 2.

also i'm really really sorry i never posted a comic last week, this post is supposed to at least sort of make up for it. i should have another post up tomorrow night as well.


Feb 28, 2014

sorry i didn't post a comic yesterday! i totally spaced on what day it was, and then today was taken up by video games. i got into the Elder Scrolls Online beta and it's pretty cool. i'm not a big fan of MMOs but i do like TES a lot.

i've been playing a Khajiit templar named Kal'rah, he's pretty cool:

shortly after i took this screenshot i switched to a magic axe i got. i'm a pretty big fan of the character customisation in ESO, i wish the game wasn't gonna be so expensive though.


Feb 21, 2014

i've moved up all my previous generation Pokemon to my Pokemon X game and it's pretty awesome. they all love eating the little Pokepuffs and having their bellies rubbed, even all the legendaries. my favourite is maybe Regigigas, who doesn't have a face.


Feb 14, 2014

seriously, this video is so good:

happy v day, everyone.


Feb 7, 2014

i totally spaced the fact that i reached another year of doing this webcomic! i've been distracted with video games and work and stuff, i guess. here's to another year of this stuff! i've been doing it for five years now and i'm pretty proud of myself, and i'm really thankful to all of my readers who've kept with me this far!


Jan 31, 2014

i've been playing the Virtual Console port of Legend of the River King GBC today and i love it. i'm really not very good but i'm getting better. i just bought a better fishing pole! i'm pretty pumped about it.


Jan 24, 2014

i've been playing a bunch of the Raid Mode on Resident Evil: Revelations lately. it's a really really fun game and i definitely recommend it if you like RE! also if you have it for the 3DS let me know so we can add each other and play together!


Jan 17, 2014

sorry i'm posting this so late at night, i had some majour tablet issues and had to reinstall all my drivers. i've got it all sorted out now, though


Jan 2, 2014

i just think 'moon biscuit' is a cuter name