Nov 29, 2010

i really did think of these names recently and think they were great.

also, i'm not actually currently writing an HP fanfic comic, but i do think about it sometimes.


Nov 25, 2010

so i wrote this comic and then i realised that i totally kind of spoil the end of Harry Potter a bit. so i made this little banner, and if you scroll over the image (or click it) it shows the whole comic, so you can read it that way. also, that first frame is crazy, i've never really drawn those characters from behind before.

also, today is, in addition to Thanksgiving, my brother's birthday! woo! happy birthday, Matt!

this is comic 179.

Nov 23, 2010

cold sores are lame, but Harry Potter is awesome. that's the moral of this story.

this is post 178

Nov 22, 2010

sorry for not posting a comic on thursday. that's the first thursday update i've missed in a while. thursday was quite a busy day, though. me and some friends went to see Scott Pilgrim Versus the World at ISU's movie theatre, and then we went straight from there to the big theatre to see the midnite premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 1. it was awesome. i should be on regular schedule for the next while, i've got at least through the end of december planned.

also, i really did break my wand before getting to the HP7 premiere. it was way hecka sad. i need to find a new one, but i don't know if it'll be the same, you know? hopefully i'll be able to find a good one soon.

this is number 177

Nov 16, 2010

in celebration of the release of the new Harry Potter movie, i thought i'd post an educational comic about the Harry Potter fandom.

the Harry Potter Alliance is a really fantastic organisation that acts as Dumbledore's Army for the real world, fighting real-world horcruxes like slave wages, illiteracy and poverty. over the last few years, they have donated over 50,000 books to schools and communities across the world, raised enough money to send 5 planes full of medical supplies to Haiti after the earthquake in January, won $250,000 from the Chase Community Giving Contest that went toward their LGBT rights and illiteracy programs and expanding their reach, and more.

currently, they are working on the Deathly Hallows Campaign, targeting seven of the world's worst real-life horcruxes, starting off with passing around a petition to get Time Warner to switch to using fair trade chocolate for all of their Harry Potter-related merchandise. You can sign the petition here.

and if you're interested in finding out more about this awesome organisation, you can go to their website, or find them on facebook and twitter.

also in celebration of the imminent release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 1, i recorded a cover of the very amazing song "Wish You'd Be My Witch" by the wizard rock band The Mudbloods! you can listen to it (and download it for free) here:

and here's the song if you just want to listen to it here.

this is number 176

Nov 15, 2010

and here's part two. sorry it took so long. this comic is dedicated to the very fantastic Sam Lyle.

also, i feel like this one and the last one have been a little awkwardly worded. hopefully i'll do better in the future.

this is comic 175!

Nov 11, 2010

to be continued! sam, matt, jessica, and whoever else may know what you might hear if you don't really listen when someone tells you that something tastes like heaven exploding in your mouth, please don't say anything. i'll have another raisin bran crunch-themed comic up soon to finish the story.

also, i probably should have not been so lazy and inked the second comic in this series either yesterday or earlier today, but i played some Dragon Quest 9 and Resident Evil 5 instead. i'm pretty close to beating both. hopefully i'll have the comic done soon.

number 174!

Nov 8, 2010

true story, it was crazy.

also, i just got an amazing package from the awesome Jason Bradshaw from Boredom Pays! i'd sent him my "Breathe" minicomic and he sent me his new comic "The Worst in Everything" and a copy of his old one, "Fragments." they're both super great, and i'm way pumped! i definitely recommend checking out his fantastic comics on his blog.


Nov 4, 2010

Dear Jimmy,
My brother gave me the idea of doing a comic where I say "Hubble Gotchu," based on Milky J from your shoutouts segments, and it's basically a brilliant idea. I'm not really sure that I did it justice with this comic, but I gave it a try.

Also, do you remember when you played Dance Your Hat and Gloves Off last week and two of the competitors completely DESTROYED the world record for that game? That was incredible! Never before has any competition been that mold breaking!

Oh! And another thing- if I remember correctly, you tweeted today about having "Battle of the Instant Dance Crews" on tonite's episode. That seems totally amazing. I am so totally looking forward to that. Thank you so much for all that you do.

post number 172!

Nov 1, 2010

i really did dress as Wishbone for Halloween. it was pretty great, i think.

also, i wrote another minicomic! this one's called "The F Word," and it's the same size and length as "Breathe." it, too, is a dollar. i'm still working on allowing you to purchase it via the internet, but if you can find me in person, it's only a dollar and i can definitely sell you a copy. this one swears a lot, though, so if you're sensitive to that type of thing, you shouldn't buy this one. there's like 12 of the f word in it (hence the title). the cover looks like this: