Mar 30, 2010

i really like how this comic turned out, especially frame 2.
also, this comic is dedicated to sam "there are only 9 working flamethrowers left in the world" lyle.

this is 110

Mar 29, 2010

i originally thought i'd be posting a regular comic today and got way hecka excited for it because the next comic is one of my favourites, but then just now i looked at my schedule and i'm supposed to post this. i should have a new, awesome comic for you guys tomorrow!


Mar 28, 2010

here's a new comic. it's really lame. in real life, when i get a cold, i really do lose hearing in my left ear. it's awful. also, that combines with the headache i have from the cold and how exhausted i am while i'm sick, so basically it's very difficult for me to hear anything anyone says to me AND i have trouble understanding the words they say if i do hear them.

also, this is an old one, but i'm reposting it. this comic is dedicated to Harley Chester Rude, probably the awesomest dog ever to grace the greater Pocatello/Chubbuck metropolitan area.

this is number 108

Mar 22, 2010

seriously, me and matt read that in a book once. awesome!

number 107

Mar 18, 2010

i LOVE the song Popular from Wicked. it's amazing. also, Kristen Chenoweth forever. she's incredible. her role as Olive in Pushing Daisies, oh man! sooo good!

this is post 106

Mar 15, 2010

this one goes out to Mac, who is way hecka awesome. also, i really wish i had a flannelgraph of me and my friends. seriously, that would make storytelling so much cooler inevery single way possible.

number 105

Mar 11, 2010

here's two comics! i'm posting two because i forgot to post one last thursday. also, the flannelgraph comic goes out to my good buddy Mac. he's a fan of the flannelgraph, and rightly so. also, the next comic i'll be posting is going to be dedicated to Mac, too.

this is number 104

Mar 9, 2010

this little character sketch is titled "Skeleton Dance, or Potential Silent Hill Monster?"
this is elliott doing the skeleton dance. you see, i have fairly prominent ribs. if i take my shirt off, you are not going to NOT see my ribs. it's crazy. also, my brother has this pillowcase that he tld me to put on my head like a mask one day [kind of like Tomas in The Orphanage or something, you know] and i put it on, took off my shirt and limped my arms about my body and did the skeleton dance. it is probably the creepiest thing i am able to do. it's awesome.


Mar 8, 2010

i think i forgot to post a comic on thursday, and for that, i'm dreadfully sorry. also,this comicis based on a true story. a month or two ago, my mom found a box with a stack of like fifteen or twenty pokemon cards in it, and they were the first one's i'd ever bought. i remember when i lost them, and it was way lame. i looked everywhere for them and couldn't find them. but then, after we moved twice, my mom found it while looking through a box of old stuff. amazing! also, most of them were base set one, which is way awesome, cause those are the first pokemon cards ever printed. plus, the stack included both a growlithe [way cute!] and an arcanine [way powerful!], so that's a good deal!


Mar 1, 2010

the shirt archie is wearing says, "The Ladies Love Teddy Westside." it's a How I Met Your Mother reference. that show is amazing.
also, it's way sad that the olympics ended. but on the bright side, that means that the Jimmy Fallon show will be on again! everybody should watch it, because it's the best show on tv right now [or at least one of them] and it's absolutely amazing. i want to be best friends with Jimmy Fallon. he's soooo awesome.

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