Aug 31, 2010

no dancing is going on in this comic, but there is music playing, as you can see. also, this comic goes hand in hand with the comic i'll be posting on thursday, so make sure to check back in a couple of days.
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Aug 30, 2010

dance parties are awesome. we had one at our house the nite Scott Pilgrim got into theatres, and it was a huge success, plus the Scott Pilgrim movie was fantastic.

also, i'm sorry about the cast page. i don't know when i'll be able to finish it, hopefully soon. i've been moving out of my apartment into a new one, and now i have to unpack my boxes in the new place, so i've been really busy.

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Aug 26, 2010

Captain Crunch is way hecka delicious (especially Peanut Butter Crunch! Mmmm!) but it's dangerous for the inner mouth, for sure.
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Aug 24, 2010

sorry if these are giant. these are the first three pages of a comic i started working on november of 2008. it's about a secret society of intelligentsia who work together to save the day from the evils plagueing the world in about 1889 or so.

and in case you aren't sure, yes, the protagonist in these pages is Thomas Hardy, author of Tess of the D'Urbervilles. and yes, he does have the power to control paper. that kind of thing was the premise for this comic: the authors, painters, inventors and other great minds of the era happened to have supernatural abilities. other characters i planned to feature were Nikola Tesla, H G Wells, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (i think that's how it's spelled) and Jack the Ripper. They team up to protect Great Britain (and, in some stories i have planned, the whole world) from terrors such as Thomas Edison, The Theatre Man (as featured above), and more. i was planning on having a story involving Dagon, from the Cthulhu mythos, but i wasn't a hundred percent sure about that. i have a whole big thing planned, and i've got maybe like five or six pages inked (in ballpoint pen, on lined paper) and another six or seven pages pencilled (again, on lined paper), and i have a whole 13-issue story planned out in notes and sketches. i definitely plan on going back and finishing it, but i've got to re-do the first pages on better paper.

also, page two is probably my least favourite of all the pages i've done, because it's kinda lame, and a lot of this is really sketchy, but in later pages it gets a lot better.

anyways, this is post 150, and i should have another regular comic up on thursday.

Aug 23, 2010

this one's a little meta. also, i'll hopefully be posting tomorrow, but it won't be a regular post. i'm gonna be posting some comics i drew a while ago, just to go along with the whole 'elliott's drawing comics' thing. there should be a new comic like usual on thursday.

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Aug 21, 2010

sorry for all the Resident Evil related posts these days, but this is Dan as Albert Wesker, who is lame. i'm not a fan of Wesker. he really needs to chill out and stop being so awful. i mean, come on.

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Aug 19, 2010

now, i've talked about Erika Moen's amazing comic, DAR, before (and i've got a link to it at the bottom of the page), but i thought i'd bring it up again, because it seriously is amazing. also, as a warning, it does talk about sex and it swears and there's nudity, so if you're sensitive to that kind of stuff, you might not want to read it, but if you don't mind some adult themes and content, it definitely is worth the read.
the url for DAR itself if and Erika Moen's website is

DAR is a diary comic (or, as she puts it, A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary) that Erika Moen wrote from 2003 to 2009, and it chronicles her adventures in lesbianism, heartbreak, love, Portland and more. some of the comics are incredibly funny, while others starkly contrast with melancholy, depressed themes (a bunch of the older comics have the tag "emo"). here's a funny one:

and here's one of the more introspective ones:
so it covers a very wide spectrum of emotions and topics, and really, it's incredible to go through the whole archive. you can really see a lot of progression in Erika's style when going from the oldest comics to the newer ones, and it's really a very wonderful journey. Erika Moen bares her soul (and body, in some of the comics) the entire time, and it is a great exercise in expression. plus, her art is utterly fantastic throughout.

again, you can read DAR at

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Aug 17, 2010

i recently beat Resident Evil: Director's Cut as Chris Redfield, so now i'm playing through it as Jill Valentine, and basically, i'm totally dominating. so i figured i'd draw Clementine as Jill from the RE games, so that's the story of this post.

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Aug 16, 2010

as i said on thursday, my father's birthday was on the 12th. i walked to my parents' house that day for his birthday dinner, and on the way, i thought about calling him Father Birthchild when i entered his house (as in, "Hello, Father Birthchild! I hope your birthday is unyieldingly happy!"), but at the last second i decided i'd save it for a webcomic.

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Aug 12, 2010

The Animalypics were amazing. i wish i knew where our vhs of it was, because that would be great.

also, more importantly, today is my dad's birthday! woohoo! so, everybody who reads this, make sure to wish my dad a happy birthday, at least in spirit if you don't see him in person.


Aug 10, 2010

it's true, i do cry a whole lot. i think a lot of it has to do with my current employment situation. sometimes i think my job is actually killing me, not just like figuratively. also, kind of maybe it very slowly is, because i do have to go into a lot of rooms that are completely full of cigarette smoke, so the secondhand smoke is probably getting to me. i dunno.

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Aug 9, 2010

this is elliott if he were a Celestrian from DragonQuest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies. i (somewhat) recently purchased that game, and i think it is fantastic. i definitely recommend it if you have a DS and you like RPGs. also, i think Level-5 is becoming my new favourite video game developer. they have this new game coming out in the near future, Ni no Kuni, that they are working on with the very fantastic Studio Ghibli, and it looks incredibly amazing. until just a few minutes ago, i had only heard that there would be a PS3 version of the game, but i just read on the wikipedia that a DS title will be released, too. i am definitely looking forward to that one.

also, i'm planning a redesign of this website, so hopefully soon everything will be looking a bit different. i'm going to be adding an Archive page, so that's pretty cool, i think. we'll see how it all goes, because it's just in the planning stages at this point.

and another thing: a few months ago, around the Christmas time, i gave out colour-by-number Christmas cards to some people, saying that if you coloured it and scanned it or something and sent it to me, i'd put it up. i have, up to this point, received one, and here it is. it was coloured by Erin Paige Tetreault, and i really appreciate her sending it in!

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Aug 3, 2010

also Commissioner Gordon. he's another cop who's completely awesome. in fact, he's one of my top favourite people of all time, fictional or real. he's just a man of integrity, you know? as much as he can, he strives to do what's right, and i respect that.

also, i thought i'd write about another of my inspirations today!

so i used to read the Disney Adventures Magazine, and it was pretty awesome. in the back, though, they always had a smattering of random comics, and, much to my surprise, they serialised Jeff Smith's Bone comics for a while, at least the entirety of book one, "Out From Boneville." now, it's super fantastic that they had this comic in there, because the rest of the magazine was all kid-centric, and it talked about the latest trends and tv shows and movies and stuff like that, but the Bone comics are of fantastic quality, both in art and writing. it's such an epic story, and Jeff Smith is such a superb artist. i love it.

you can find out more about Jeff Smith and his comics at his website, really, you should give the whole Bone series a read if you can (and actually, i haven't ever read the last book. my local library never got it, and i'm poor and have yet to purchase any of the books myself). the story is about three cousins who get kicked out of their hometown, Boneville, only to find a new valley to live in that is filled with rich history, interesting characters, and strange beasts, ranging from rat creatures to dragons. as it progresses, the story gets deeper and deeper, and really, it's fantastic.

also, Jeff Smith did the album art for "In Defense of the Genre," the second majour label album by my favourite band, Say Anything. the cover looks a little like this:

and Jeff Smith has also worked on some Captain Marvel comics (his book was entitled "Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil"), a book that takes place before the plot of the Bone series called "Rose," and his latest project, "RASL." i definitely recommend giving at least some of his work a look.

this was post 141

i somewhat recently purchased Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky from the going-out-of-business Hollywood Video, because it was on super awesome sale (12 dollars instead of the usual 30).

after answering the questions at the beginning to figure out what kind of pokemon i'd be, i got the Charmander, which is pretty awesome, and i chose a Pikachu to be my partner pokemon. but, as it turns out, my Pikachu friend is a total sissy and he can't stand up for himself at all. sometimes i feel bad for him, because he gets afraid of things so easily. but it's all good, because we're working together to be the awesomest exploration team the Wigglytuff's Guild has ever seen, and Pikachu is overcoming his fears, and we're saving the day. it's pretty great.

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Aug 2, 2010

uh-oh! what's in store for our former-tiger hero? only time will tell!


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