Sep 28, 2012

you may remember sometime last month i had a comic about working on a piece for an art show. well, the art show happened (back at the end of August/very beginning of September) and i just realised that a lot of you guys probably never saw it. well, here it is!

i contributed this Buizel illustration to the super fantastic 649 Monsters art show, all the proceeds from which went to the great organisation Child's Play. if you go to, you can see all the great art they had, and if you go to the Pokemon Podcast's store, they've got 649 Monsters t-shirts, which have all the artists' names (including mine!) and they've got very limited amounts of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres prints for sale. all the proceeds from those will go to Child's Play, just like the art from the show, so you should check it out!

last i'd heard, 649 Monsters raised at least $1000 for Child's Play, and i'm super grateful for having been able to participate!


Sep 20, 2012

i've been playing through Cave Story over the last week and i totally love it. i'm at the Final Cave, though, and it's pretty tough. hopefully i'll beat the game either tomorrow of the next day.


Sep 19, 2012

meant to be read in a fancy letter-reading voice.

and ps: Jimmy Fallon, you are always invited to any birthday party i ever have. if you show up, we can make it a half-and-half party for the both of us, since our birthdays are so close.


Sep 14, 2012

my current playthrough on my Sapphire cartridge is populated by Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy characters, Kurt Vonnegut characters, and characters from old movies. it's pretty great.


Sep 7, 2012

seriously, Nintendo, that is some good storytelling. well, all of Majora's Mask is, really. that game makes me cry so much.