Jul 28, 2011

it's hard to find anything more fantastic than an entire audience, singing along fervently with every word at a concert, but when the band playing at said concert is Harry and the Potters, and the song that's being sung along to is about sticking together and fighting for love and hope and what we believe in, it's seriously as fantastic as things can get.

they've only got a couple more shows on their tour, in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and New York, so if you're in one of those areas, be sure to check them out! plus, they've got awesome friends playing with them at these shows, like Draco and the Malfoys, MC Kreacher, Leema Mountain, and Uncle Monsterface! you can get all the details for their tour at their site, http://harryandthepotters.com/.

this is number 261!

Jul 21, 2011

it's true, Joe DeGeorge totally plays a wicked cool Saxophone of Gryffindor:

so great. you can hear some of Harry and the Potters' music and learn about their tour dates at their site, http://harryandthepotters.com/.

this is number 260

Jul 19, 2011

oh man, Harry and the Potters were so good in concert. they've still got a couple show left on their summer tour, and you can see the dates/locations for those at http://harryandthepotters.com/shows/. if you get a chance to see them, you REALLY have to, because they're pretty much the most amazing live band ever.

this is #259

Jul 15, 2011

in the excitement of the new Harry Potter movie coming out yesterday, i totally spaced posting this comic, which finally actually has Harry and the Potters (http://harryandthepotters.com/) in it! so great! make sure to check out their music, they're pretty much the best.

this is #258

Jul 12, 2011

this comic is called "Hot Car," but it's subtitled "in which i break the promise i made in comic #80."

also, this comic goes out to Sam Lyle, who gave me and Matt a ride to Salt Lake City for the Harry and the Potters concert about a week and a half ago.

and again, i really recommend you go see HatP if you can. their tour dates can be found at http://harryandthepotters.com/shows/

this is comic #257

Jul 11, 2011

again, Harry and the Potters are still on tour for a little bit. they've got a few show in Florida before LeakyCon, and then a couple heading north once LeakyCon ends. you can see all their tour dates at their site, and you can follow their tour diary tumblr at http://ridethelightning2011.tumblr.com/.

this is number 256.

Jul 7, 2011

it's true, Harry and the Potters (http://harryandthepotters.com/) are currently on tour, doing a bunch of shows at libraries, many of which are free. i went with my brother and my friend Sam to see them in Salt Lake City last wednesday, and it was the most amazing thing ever.

they still have a bunch of dates left on their tour, which you can see here: http://harryandthepotters.com/shows/, and you can follow their tour diary blog at http://ridethelightning2011.tumblr.com/. really, if you are able to see them in concert, it's amazing, and you definitely should.

i've got a couple comics about seeing them planned for the next little while, since they're so awesome.


Jul 5, 2011

what's this? a comic IN COLOUR?! i've been thinking that i'm gonna colour some of these comics now, and this one (since the orange doorway is a plot point) made sense to start with. i think i'm gonna try watercolouring the next one that i colour. wish me luck, i don't watercolour very often!


Jul 4, 2011

Dear Jimmy,
Seriously, you were amazing on Electric Company. You're always amazing when you sing songs. Especially when they're educational songs. And just in case you've forgotten what your "Pocket Full of H's" song was like, here's the video from youtube! Thanks for being so amazing!


Jul 1, 2011

sorry for the lack of updates recently! there's been a few reasons for that:
1- i recently started working more hours, and that makes it a little harder to scan/post stuff.
2- i just had like a season break thing, so i was taking a short hiatus. i meant to announce it, but i totally forgot. twice.
3- i've been caught up in video games. i know that's a totally lame excuse, but i very recently acquired Portal 2 and it was amazing. oh man.

anyway, i'm going to be getting back to a regular posting schedule, so be looking forward to that! i've got a lot planned out for the next little while, and i'm pretty sure stuff's gonna be awesome.