Oct 25, 2013

i've been playing a lot of the new Pokemon lately, so tonight me and Mey took a page out of Noelle Stevenson's book and did a little Pokeymans Project inspired art. i described my current team on Pokemon X, and Mey drew them based on my descriptions. i'm totally loving the game and all of my Pokemon, it's really great and i definitely recommend you pick it up if you've got a 3DS.


Oct 17, 2013

seriously, i'm loving the new Pokemon games, and i'm so glad i can show my monsters how much i appreciate them with the new Pokemon-amie feature. i love all my Pokemon friends so much.

i'm not sure this looks quite as bad as it has been but seriously Blogger is greying up the heck out of my comics. before uploading them here (and if i upload them to any other site) they're black on white, not black on grey. hmmph.


Oct 12, 2013

hey guys! i totally forgot to post a comic on thursday night, and i'm so sorry! i've been a little distracted catching all the pokemon the exist (well, existed. a brand new Pokemon game just came out today) and collecting them on my White 2 cartridge.

anyway, last saturday was 24 Hour Comics Day, where the goal is to write and draw a 24 page comic within 24 hours. this was my first time attempting, and i finished this comic in about 17 hours! i'm pretty happy with it, i think it's a nice little ghost story. i hope you like it! i think i'll be adding a link to buy it in the store over to the left within a few days, it'll probably be three or four dollars. also i'm really sorry if the layout of this page with all the images is weird or bad. hopefully it's readable.


Oct 3, 2013

if it's October, that means it's Halloween, and if it's snowing, that means it's Christmas

also i have no clue why this looks so pixely and grey. it doesn't look at all like that when i open it up on my computer. i have tried opening it in multiple programs and messing with the contrast and saving it different ways, but whenever i upload it here on blogger it looks like this. hmmph.