Apr 30, 2012

i like the second frame of this comic a lot because it reminds me of Jeffrey Brown's comics.


Apr 26, 2012

i don't think i really have the required skills to be in a dance crew, but i definitely think it would be fun. also i'm not saying i'm the worst dancer ever or anything. i mean, i'm fairly good at moonwalking. but i'm not very confident in myself and i haven't really trained myself to be a good dancer.


Apr 24, 2012

it's true, the super awesome Andrea Gibson is doing a poetry reading in town tomorrow evening. i'm very very excited about it.

if you are or will be in Pocatello, ID, or the surrounding area tomorrow, you should try and come! it's going to be at 7pm in the Idaho State University Student Union Building, and i'm fairly certain that it's going to be fantastic.


Apr 19, 2012

it started Wednesday of last week, and i'm pretty excited about it. Fanny Pak (from season 2) is back, competing again, and they've been one of my favourite dance crews since they were first on the show.

also, this month is, in general a great month for television: ABDC is on again, Parks and Recreation is back from hiatus, and Legend of Korra is on (although i haven't started watching it yet, so no spoilers please). i think there's more, too, but i don't remember right now.


Apr 18, 2012

so Matt's been watching The Voice, and it has this music that plays whenever it comes back from commercials, that sounds exactly the same as the theme song from SWAT Kats:

every time it happens, i think Matt's found a channel showing SWAT Kats and i freak out and get really excited. The Voice is good, but for me, it's no SWAT Kats.


Apr 14, 2012

man, libraries are the BEST. i spend so much time at my local library. and today is the last day of National Library Week! if you can, i definitely recommend supporting and spending time at your library. they do a lot of great work toward spreading knowledge and information, and it doesn't even cost you any money! so great.

also i'm sorry i forgot to post this yesterday. hopefully you guys don't mind it being a day late!


Apr 12, 2012

really, i'm sorry about all of the Mamma Mia comics. this is the last one, i promise (at least in the foreseeable future).


Apr 10, 2012

ugh, Mamma Mia is the best at being awful. here's some examples:

but really you should just watch the whole movie, it's terrible and really bad and fun to watch because it's so ridiculous.


Apr 5, 2012

such a great song. also i'm sorry about all of the Mamma Mia comics. i watched it on tv last week and these comics pretty much wrote themselves.

and here's this, it even has all the lyrics:


Apr 4, 2012

Pierce Brosnan's singing in Mamma Mia is ghastly. if you haven't ever heard it, you really should:

i mean, seriously. fantastic.


Apr 3, 2012

man, i love Mamma Mia. it's awful and ridiculous but i love it. i watch at least part of that movie every time i realise it's on tv.

also i'm sorry about not posting any comics between last Wednesday and now. i've got a good lineup coming, though, so you can expect a lot over the next little while.