Aug 30, 2011

this comic is dedicated to Spencer Lewis, who has been known in the past to bring boxes of Honey Buns into movie theatres.

also, seriously, i can't stand it when people bring outside food and drink into movie theatres. sometimes, when the outside food is strange enough (honey buns, a tub of ice cream, or almond soy milk, for example), it can make for a good story, but i just think it's really mean to the business, especially if it's a locally-owned business, as is the Reel Theatre that i mentioned a couple of posts ago.

this is #271

Aug 29, 2011

this is number 270!

Aug 25, 2011

seriously, i draw cars all the time now, it seems. ridiculous.

this comic is subtitled, "in which i discuss the necessity of buckling up while in a car"


Aug 23, 2011

and so starts the "movie theatre" story arc, also known as "Pete systematically goes through all of his moral opinions."

well, not really, but seriously, i was drawing these comics last nite, and i realised that throughout the next few, i discuss many of my moral ideas, including supporting local businesses, like The Reel Theatre, when able. it's like this story arc is just a big soapbox for me, i guess? i dunno, it was accidental.


Aug 18, 2011

in case you're wondering, the song being referenced is "I was Unconscious, It was a Dream" from Slow Club's album Yeah, So. and if you're wondering about Bayleefs, here's a picture:

seriously, everytime i listen to that song, there's this brief moment where i get distracted from the completely wonderful music and think of Kenny from the Pokemon Podcast, It's Super Effective!

anyways, this is number 267

Aug 15, 2011

i haven't actually done this yet, but i almost have. also i'm pretty afraid that i'm gonna do it one morning when my boss calls me in for work, and he'll be like, "um, no, i'm at the thunderbird motel."


Aug 11, 2011

true story, i was at Walmart a couple weeks ago, and "Kiss from a Rose" came on the store radio, and i definitely sang along out loud for a few lines before realising what i was doing. no one was in the same aisle as me when it happened, but still.

also, seriously, that song is great.


Aug 8, 2011

i've kind of been playing Shadow of the Colossus over the last little while, but it's pretty hard and i'm not so good at it, so i've been stuck on this one colossus, but it's definitely an incredibly fun and beautiful game, for sure. i definitely recommend it.

and seriously, that one flying one (i think it was colossus number 5) was like my favourite fictional creature i've ever seen.

this is #264

Aug 4, 2011

Dear Jimmy,
I honestly think that your Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavour might be my most favourite flavour of ice cream. I really like to buy the little tubs of it and eat some while watching your show, and when I do that on the same day that you happen to be ordering a banana split from Chris Kattan on Jacob's Patience, it just feels like I'm right there in the show. So great.


Aug 1, 2011

the last of my Harry and the Potters comics. this one goes out to Sam (who drove me and Matt to the show) and Sharann (who we met in line, but who i'd kind of met on facebook beforehand).

seriously, make sure to check out Harry and the Potters at their site (, because they're super great.

this is number 262