Jul 29, 2010

yeah, i know, the decomposing bags probably don't work quite like this, but this is definitely how i imagine it. also, in case you don't already know, the new Sun Chips bags are CRAZY loud. but, if you read the bag, "it's loud because it's 100% compostable!" also, for the record, Sun Chips are brilliantly delicious.


Jul 26, 2010

when i saw A Seasonal Disguise in concert and they sang this song (it's called "Won't You Hibernate With Me?"), it was amazing. they came out among the audience, one band member wearing a marching snare, and they had us join in the song. it was absolutely wonderful. i definitely recommend seeing them if you can.

again, you can learn more about A Seasonal Disguise at their myspace, their blog, and their facebook page. seriously, you definitely should visit at least one of these websites.

number 137

Jul 22, 2010

again, A Seasonal Disguise is a real band, and you can hear some of their music (including the song they're singing in this comic!) at their myspace page. also, this song is a fantastic number called "Storm Cloud on a Rainy Day." i also recommend "Moving Picture. that one kind of reminds me of The Kinks, which is awesome.

also, the phrase "favey-fav moment" was my brother matt's idea.


Jul 15, 2010

this'll be the last post until next thursday, i think, and i'm sorry you'll have to wait a whole week for an update.

Also, A Seasonal Disguise is a real band, and they are absolutely fantastic. you can hear their music on their myspace, their facebook or their blog. i definitely recommend giving them a listen, or seeing them in concert if you get the chance. according to their myspace, they'll be playing a show in Garden City, Idaho, on July 17th. i think it's a 21+ show, but if you're in the Boise area and you're old enough, you definitely should go.

number 135

Jul 13, 2010

Dear Jimmy,
I recently learned what NWA stands for. It turns out it has a swear word in it. I did not know that until the nite you replayed the Ice Cube episode (which, I might add, was way hecka awesome, especially when you and Ice Cube teamed up for "It was a Good Day.") Also, I'm so very excited for your episode tonite, with Nicolas Cage. I was saying last nite that I hope that instead of talking about his new movie, Sorcerer's Apprentice, he comes on and you guys have the following conversation:
Jimmy Fallon: "So, you're in this new movie, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, which looks amazing! So insane!"
Nicolas Cage: "Yeah, but more importantly, I was in this other movie a few years ago called National Treasure, and I'd like to talk about that one tonite."
I think that would be great. Or if he talks about the Mark Millar movie he was in last year (Kick-Ass) which was fantastic. Also, as a side note, I scored the movie poster for that from a local theatre! Super rock n roll!
So yeah. I hope the show is great tonite! I believe in you!

number 134

Jul 8, 2010

there's this house maybe three blocks from the library, and either it's haunted, or Halloween totally lives there. it's crazy. like, seriously, it is literally the most haunted/Halloweeny house i've ever seen.

also, i thought i'd tell you guys about another webcomic that i'm a big fan of! unfortunately, this one has been defunct for a while, and i'm pretty sure a lot of the older comics have been taken down. but still, here's Campus Critters, by Malia Deshotel.

i'm not really sure how i first heard of this comic, but it was a few years ago (while i was still in high school). it's about Kinny Swift and his roommate Steve Wolf, and their adventures. it was syndicated in the campus newspaper of Shepherd University while the writer attended the school, and you can read some of the comics here: http://www.whitefrogstudio.com/comic_portal.html

one reason i like this comic so much is that Kinny, the main character, is a guy, but he's really kind of childish and girly sometimes, and i dunno, that just resonated with me, not being the manliest man out there.

anyways, here's one of the comics that's still up on the website.
if you like my webcomic (other than if you just like it for the inside jokes or just because you're my friend or something) i'm guessing you'll like this one. seriously, my comic is very largely inspired by Campus Critters. reading the exploits of Kinny helped me to see that maybe people would be interested in reading about a character similar to myself, and it's full of anthropomorphic animals, and i just really like the humour. so yeah. again, the url is http://www.whitefrogstudio.com/comic_portal.html

this is post 133

Jul 5, 2010

so, i somewhat recently (like, April 24th or something) bought Pokemon SoulSilver, and let me tell you, it is amazing. these are the eight pokemon i use most often (six are my usual party, the other two are my expedition pokemon who know like headbutt, strength, flash and dig).

their names are as follows:
Dragonite: Mortimer (male)
Haunter: Denison (male)
Pikachu: Davie (female)
Farfetch'd: Dinah (female)
Buizel: Ronson (male)
Typhlosion: Pembroke (male)
Quagsire: Rosalind (female)
Furret: Roger (male)

also, here's some interesting facts. one- Davie knows surf, which is freakin fantastic. two- a few days after i drew this, i used a trick to evolve pokemon who evolve by trade without actually trading the pokemon away to evolve my Haunter into a Gengar, so that's awesome. three- the spell checker here on the blogger says that Pikachu, Farfetch'd and Quagsire are all spelled wrong, but the rest of the pokemon species are real words spelled correctly. i don't really get that. and four- my Furret and Quagsire are my HM pokemon. Roger knows strength, headbutt and rock smash, and Rosalind knows dig, flash, and i think waterfall and whirlpool, but i don't remember about those for sure.


all things Pokemon are copyright Nintendo.

Jul 1, 2010

in retrospect, i'm guessing my mom was saying that the stuff would be a hazard because i'd trip, because i think the other option is kind of ridiculous. but on the other hand, when i put stuff on my bedroom floor, i know exactly where it is, so i'd be able to dodge it, unless in addition to the re being a fire, i had also lost my memory. or maybe she meant that it'd be a fire hazard to other people who might be going through the room. i dunno.

also, do you see how there's kind of a background? crazy, right?

and i'm sorry for the lack of comic earlier this week. i'll hopefully have another new one up on like monday or tuesday.