Nov 29, 2013

i've been playing the new Legend of Zelda game and I Am A Fan. it's really fun and cute, and i feel like the 3D is actually done pretty well. i generally play my 3DS games in 2D (except Resident Evil Revelations, i felt the 3 added to the experience) because it can give me a headache, but Link Between Worlds looks really good in the 3D.

also i haven't drawn Chance of Ainsley in forever?? i really need to start including them more often, gosh.


Nov 21, 2013

me and Mey keep pretty consistently being attacked by spiders at night and i Do Not like it. spiders freak me out, man.


Nov 15, 2013

first of all, i'm really sorry i didn't have this up yesterday when i should have! second, i'm really sorry about this comic in general because it is ridiculous. also i'm not really sure if this joke has a target audience outside of myself.


Nov 7, 2013

i had a lot of trouble drawing that Chesnaught and i'm sorry. these are the guys i've been using most in my current Pokemon X playthrough, Mia the Chesnaught and Hazel the Diggersby. i love them a lot and they're both way overleveled. i've also evolved my Sliggoo into a Goodra and i love her a lot.


Nov 1, 2013

i just love werewolves, okay? anyway, i hope your Halloween was spooky and great!

also i figured out how to fix the colour problems i've been having lately! look how not grey this looks! i'm so pumped! is this too small, though? can you guys read it? i feel like i haven't changed the size i've been posting them but it seems smaller and harder to read. hmmmmm.