Mar 29, 2013

i played through the first Mass Effect fairly recently, and i'm going to be moving on to the second one kinda soon (after i play some more Skyrim... i just made my character a vampire and i'm hanging out with Serana and Lord Harkon). i really really enjoyed it and i'm excited for more! defs looking forward to when i finally get around to playing ME2.

(also i'm playing Mass Effect as a female Shepard specifically so i can make out with Garrus. for serious, why couldn't they have made all the characters quantum sexual, so that they could potentially be in a relationship for whatever sort of Shepard you play as? plus there just aren't very many lesbian relationships in the series at all. hopefully in future Mass Effect titles Bioware/EA [i think EA is the biggest problem] will be better about it)


Mar 25, 2013

continuing from the last comic. seriously, Ceci had to help me calm down after winning all the Animorphs book on Ebay. i don't know that i have any plans to bid on anything on Ebay any time at all in the near future.

also, this is totally unrelated, but my awesome friend Clyde Webb has a new album coming out tomorrow, but he put it up for sale (name your price! even free!) on his bandcamp already, 'cause it's the 26th on the east coast! go check it out because it is incredible and amazing.


Mar 21, 2013

dude, there are so many Animorphs books and at this point now i'm only missing like nine total. 'spretty great.


Mar 14, 2013

i'm really really vain sometimes, but gosh, i'm pretty, so it works out.

also to go with this comic, here's The Mountain Goats' cover of "You're So Vain"


Mar 12, 2013

i'm so sorry i missed my Thursday this last week! i'm trying to get back to drawing a bunch of comics and getting plenty of updates up but i'm very very good at procrastinating. we should be getting back to our regular schedule soon!


Mar 2, 2013

seriously, i just buy and buy and buy video games. i bought Ni No Kuni, put 20 something hours into it (i made it to Castaway Cove, for those wondering), and bought all three Mass Effect games. i still have stacks and stacks of games for multiple systems that i've never beaten. and that's not even counting all the games i've got from Humble Bundles (which i made a goal of beating this year, but i've only beaten two so far). basically i'm really ridiculous about buying video games. but i just love them so much, gosh.