Sep 30, 2010

look, it's elliotterasu! i somewhat recently acquired the video game Okami for the ps2, and it's awesome. it's all so beautiful, and it all looks like it's watercoloured, and i love it. plus, whenever you find just random animals hanging out in the forests or fields or whatever, you can feed them, and it's all cute and they become your friends. basically, it's amazing.

anyways, sorry that this is not really an actual comic. i hopefully will have a real one up on monday, if everything goes according to plan.

on the plus side, though, i finally filled out the whole "Cast" page. you can see it here.
also, i recently wrote a minicomic. it's six pages, not including the covers, and i'm selling it for a dollar. i'm looking into a way i can set up payment with like paypal or a credit card, but i don't know yet. i might have to charge for shipping if you're far away, but if you're in the pocatello or chubbuck area, i can definitely sell it to you for just a dollar. also, there's only ten-ish right now, and if you get one of these first ones, they're hand-numbered, so that's pretty cool, so you might want to buy one fast. the front cover looks like this:

this is number 161

Sep 27, 2010

so i guess that it's actually "ki ki ki ma ma ma," not "ch ch ch ha ha ha." i just learned that right now. crazy.

number 160

Sep 23, 2010

at the end of august, me and Matt went with Liz and Kathy O'Brien to the Gateway Theatre to see a local production of the musical You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, and it was fantastic. the song elliott's singing in this comic is "Suppertime," which Snoopy sings in the musical. here's a video of it from the animated movie version of the musical.

if ever you get a chance to see it, i really recommend this musical. it's so good.

this is number 159.

Peanuts is copyright Charles M. Schulz

Sep 20, 2010

caramel apple pops are fantastic. i could eat like ten of them every day. it would be awesome.

this is number 158

Sep 16, 2010

i don't say it in the comic, but i imagine them dancing to Motion City Soundtrack's song "Make Out Kids." it's not the usual kind of song dance crews dance to, i feel like, but i think it works really well. also, is it just me, or is this the most complex (in terms of character numbers and variety, and in terms of action) comic that i have drawn yet. it's crazy, and it took me forever to finish.

oh, and i'm sorry it's been so long since last i posted a comic. i'll have a new one on monday, if everything goes according to plan. and coming up next, the party is winding down!

and actually, yesterday was my birthday! i am now twenty-one years old! it's crazy!

this is number 157

Sep 9, 2010

this one goes out to my brother, his cat, and our friend Mindy Curran. Sawyer (in the comic) is at least kind of based on Sawyer (my brother's cat) and the whole thing about the shortsuit i would have never thought of if not for Mindy, who has worn shortsuits in the past, and they're awesome.
also, Hubble's outfit in this one is based on a photograph i found by doing an image search for "hipster clothes." here's the picture, it's pretty great.

so yeah. more with Sawyer is to come!

number 156

Sep 7, 2010

the song featured is "The World Should Revolve Around Me" by Little Jackie. it's a very good song, i definitely recommend giving it a listen. also, once i did accidentally tell someone that it was by Jackée, who was in Sister Sister and a bunch of other shows and movies. it was an accident, they have similar names.


Sep 2, 2010

this is the sequel to the last comic. also, this is a real conversation that i overheard once in the ISU bookstore. it was awesome. the guys having the conversation sounded so incredibly exasperated at average people, it was ridiculous.

this is number 154.