Jul 28, 2009

if you haven't ever seen Firefly or Serenity, i definitely recommend them. they're amazing. and yes, i do [or at least try to] quote Wash at the end of the second verse.

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Jul 23, 2009

six months!

today [wednesday, july 22] is the six month anniversary of this webcomic! thanks so much for reading! woo!

and i'm sorry for no new comic today! there will hopefully be one tomorrow! here's a video, though!

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Jul 16, 2009

here's something: clem's arms in this comic are super uper duper long. it's crazy.

also, Harry Potter movie marathons at the movie theatre are amazing. and i definitely have to recommend seeing the new Harry Potter movie if you haven't already [or even if you have]. it's amazing.

okay. this is number 53.

Harry Potter is copyright Warner Bros. or J. K. Rowling or whatever. Serenity copyright Universal.

Jul 13, 2009

tomorrow is the Harry Potter movie marathon at the theatre, ending with the premiere of Half-Blood Prince. i'm sooo pumped. me and matt have our outfits picked out, we've got beautiful wands, the bottles of pellegrino are in the fridge, and our tickets are bought. it's gonna be amazing.

also, i was recently mentioned [twice!] on the super awesome blog Geek Orthodox for sending in photographs of the book The Way of the Tiger: Warbringer! so, mad props to Mr. Reis O'Brien for giving me a shoutout!

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Accio and Order of the Phoenix copyright JK Rowling

Jul 9, 2009

look! it's The Remus Lupins! and they're singing the very wonderful song "Wizard Rock Twist!" you can listen to some of their music at http://www.myspace.com/theremuslupins! they're a very talented and amazing band! also, they are currently touring with The Whomping Willows and Pottercast!

also, my brother and i were totally going to see them when they were in Salt Lake City last nite, but that didn't work out, and we're totally bummed.

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Jul 7, 2009

this is number 50! woo!

Jul 6, 2009

one: i really like this one. it turned out exactly how i imagined it when i was first planning it.

two: i'm not really a hundred percent sure that i'll be able to go the the Pottercast/wrock concert in the lake on wednesday. i'm super bummed.

three: Harry Potter fans, remember. there is a HP movie marathon at the Pine Ridge 10 on tuesday, July 14th, and you should all go. i will be there, and my brother will be there, and we'll be dressing up, and it'll be amazing.

this is number 49. i'm almost at the 50 post mark! also, the comic's 6 month anniversary is only like 20 days away or something! woo!

Jul 3, 2009

just so you guys know, a REALLY good episode of Moral Orel was on tonite. hopefully i'll be able to stay up for Venture Bros without falling asleep...

this is number 48.

Hufflepuff copyright JK Rowling