Dec 26, 2013

my amazing girlfriend Ceci drew a guest comic this week for Christmas! she's super great and really cool (and look at this cool comic she drew??? she's super awesome)


Dec 19, 2013

i'm hibernating until Christmas, wake me up on the 25th


Dec 13, 2013

seriously if i have access to Red Vines or Twizzlers i will eat them until they are gone.

also i finally finished Half-Size #6 and should have that available for purchase by next week! i've also got to format Remain, my 24 Hour Comics Day comic, and then i can have that ready too!


Dec 6, 2013

i beat Half-Life 2 today! now onto Half-Life 2 Episode 1 (as soon as i beat a couple other games first, probably. plus i've still got a lot of stuff to do in Fallout 3). in case you can't tell, this is supposed to be the G-Dan. i still don't know what the Gman is up to and i don't trust him at all.


Nov 29, 2013

i've been playing the new Legend of Zelda game and I Am A Fan. it's really fun and cute, and i feel like the 3D is actually done pretty well. i generally play my 3DS games in 2D (except Resident Evil Revelations, i felt the 3 added to the experience) because it can give me a headache, but Link Between Worlds looks really good in the 3D.

also i haven't drawn Chance of Ainsley in forever?? i really need to start including them more often, gosh.


Nov 21, 2013

me and Mey keep pretty consistently being attacked by spiders at night and i Do Not like it. spiders freak me out, man.


Nov 15, 2013

first of all, i'm really sorry i didn't have this up yesterday when i should have! second, i'm really sorry about this comic in general because it is ridiculous. also i'm not really sure if this joke has a target audience outside of myself.


Nov 7, 2013

i had a lot of trouble drawing that Chesnaught and i'm sorry. these are the guys i've been using most in my current Pokemon X playthrough, Mia the Chesnaught and Hazel the Diggersby. i love them a lot and they're both way overleveled. i've also evolved my Sliggoo into a Goodra and i love her a lot.


Nov 1, 2013

i just love werewolves, okay? anyway, i hope your Halloween was spooky and great!

also i figured out how to fix the colour problems i've been having lately! look how not grey this looks! i'm so pumped! is this too small, though? can you guys read it? i feel like i haven't changed the size i've been posting them but it seems smaller and harder to read. hmmmmm.


Oct 25, 2013

i've been playing a lot of the new Pokemon lately, so tonight me and Mey took a page out of Noelle Stevenson's book and did a little Pokeymans Project inspired art. i described my current team on Pokemon X, and Mey drew them based on my descriptions. i'm totally loving the game and all of my Pokemon, it's really great and i definitely recommend you pick it up if you've got a 3DS.


Oct 17, 2013

seriously, i'm loving the new Pokemon games, and i'm so glad i can show my monsters how much i appreciate them with the new Pokemon-amie feature. i love all my Pokemon friends so much.

i'm not sure this looks quite as bad as it has been but seriously Blogger is greying up the heck out of my comics. before uploading them here (and if i upload them to any other site) they're black on white, not black on grey. hmmph.


Oct 12, 2013

hey guys! i totally forgot to post a comic on thursday night, and i'm so sorry! i've been a little distracted catching all the pokemon the exist (well, existed. a brand new Pokemon game just came out today) and collecting them on my White 2 cartridge.

anyway, last saturday was 24 Hour Comics Day, where the goal is to write and draw a 24 page comic within 24 hours. this was my first time attempting, and i finished this comic in about 17 hours! i'm pretty happy with it, i think it's a nice little ghost story. i hope you like it! i think i'll be adding a link to buy it in the store over to the left within a few days, it'll probably be three or four dollars. also i'm really sorry if the layout of this page with all the images is weird or bad. hopefully it's readable.


Oct 3, 2013

if it's October, that means it's Halloween, and if it's snowing, that means it's Christmas

also i have no clue why this looks so pixely and grey. it doesn't look at all like that when i open it up on my computer. i have tried opening it in multiple programs and messing with the contrast and saving it different ways, but whenever i upload it here on blogger it looks like this. hmmph.


Sep 26, 2013

to go with my Green Arrow i drew a couple weeks ago, i figured i should draw Black Canary and Arsenal as well. i'm a big fan of all of these characters (and maybe i could draw CHance and Ainsley as Mia and Connor? hmm)


Sep 20, 2013

i love ABBA, and i love the song "Take a Chance on Me," and i love the movie Mamma Mia, but seriously, some of the singing (and some of the writing, and some of the acting) in that movie are not super good.


Sep 12, 2013

i've been rereading some my Green Arrow comics over the last little bit and i like them a lot. there were a lot of cool stories involving GA between like 2001 and the DC reboot (also he continued to kind of be a sexist jerk throughout, unfortunately)#424

Sep 6, 2013

for the record, i've actually completed a Rubik's cube twice. i'm pretty proud of myself. but seriously me and Ceci were playing Scrabble online tonight and i got a bingo and it was so incredible. so incredible.


Aug 30, 2013

i was hoping to get this posted earlier in the night but this'll have to do


Aug 22, 2013


this last tuesday was both HP Lovecraft's birthday and a full moon! so great.


Aug 15, 2013

my milk actually did expire just a couple days ago but i was at my parents' house for the weekend and forgot to have a milk party.


Aug 8, 2013

so i played the first Half-Life over the last little bit (and Opposing Force and Blue Shift, but not Decay, 'cause i guess that was never officially released for the computer) and dang, it was fun. i'm really excited for the second game, but i have to actually get some comics and stuff done first before i can start HL2.


Aug 1, 2013

i'm not dead and i'm sorry i haven't posted anything here in a long time. i'm trying to get back on track with my comics projects, but i've been really distracted by a lot of video games. i have been getting some stuff done, though, like getting back into doing my Sunday comics and trying to submit some stuff to some zines and anthologies. for instance, i've got a comic in the upcoming issue of the On Struggling zine by Brown and Proud Press, which i'm really excited about. i should have more information about that soon, but for now, you can check out the Brown and Proud tumblr linked above, or find issues 1 and 2 of On Struggling at Quimby's in Chicago.


Jun 6, 2013

i do not actually have this superpower, but it would be a wicked cool superpower to have. Jurassic Park is so good and i watch it on the tv every time i see that it's on.


May 30, 2013

i recently learned about the game Delver and it's seriously super great. it's a roguelike dungeon crawler with old school style graphics (i guess similar to Minecraft) and it's really fun. it's still in development right now but you can get the version that's available (plus the updates as they come out) for pretty cheap on the site.

also, i recently had a comic, called Kenny Heart Tracy Forever, in the second issue of Idaho Comix Underground! you can download it for free at, but as a warning it might not be safe for children. i know it contains at least one f-word.


May 23, 2013

seriously, Animal Crossing is about to come out, and i've been eyeing Kentucky Route Zero for a while now (i should have bought it when it was on sale for the 18 dollars, uugghhh), and if i buy Baldur's Gate, i get a sweet game AND i can play multiplayer with Ceci. life is tough.


May 16, 2013

with the help of my amazing girlfriend Ceci, i've been getting into the Sailor Moon a bit recently, and I've gotta tell you, it's brilliant. i definitely recommend watching the show or reading the manga if you're at all able.


May 10, 2013

i'm really enjoying the Animorphs books so far, i definitely wish i had read them when i was younger. i am missing i think 9 of the books though. if, perchance, you happen to have a few Animorphs book from later in the series that you don't want, feel free to let me know, because i might be interested. i don't remember right now which ones exactly i'm missing (i think #38, a couple in the 40s, #54, and Visser, and maybe a couple more) but i have them written down somewhere. also, if you're a fan of the Animorphs books, i'd love to talk about them with you sometime! i'm only a few books into the series at this point, so please no majour spoilers, but i'm getting there!

and heck, i am seriously awful at keeping this updated and i'm really sorry.


Apr 19, 2013

here's my team for Pokemon White 2! i think about six or seven gyms in i switched out my starter (an Emboar, the same i had played with in White) for an Arcanine and i never looked back. i'm really really proud of her, she's a total beast. i also accidentally switched out all the fifth gen pokemon i may have had and ended up with a whole lot of third gen monsters, which is weird, because i tend to be of the 'third gen has the worst monsters' opinion, but looking back, gen 3 had a whole lot of sweet pokemon, too.

so, from left to right: Casimir the Zangoose, Candide the Ampharos, KenichirĊ the Aggron, Lady the Arcanine, Tobias the Altaria, and Kira the Ludicolo.

also i'm pretty pumped, 'cause i've signed up for the international wireless tournament this weekend and i'm really unfamiliar with competitive play. it's gonna be fun and i'm probably gonna get slaughtered. wish me luck.


Apr 14, 2013

i did recently acquire a 3DS! she's pink and i named her Piper. so far i've got Resident Evil: Revelations and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. it's a pretty sweet little handheld. contact me with your friend code if you want! mine is 1736 0612 2633!

also seriously i just got my 3DS and then decided to try and finish up my Pokedex on my Soul Silver game, which requires some monsters i can get from my GBA LeafGreen cartridge, so i've been putting more time in on my DS Lite and i feel a little silly. (i'm hoping to eventually complete my Pokedex on  my White 2 game, and i've already the vast majority of the Johto Pokedex filled. i'm mostly just missing 3rd and 4th gen monsters at this point, a lot of which i can get in my Soul Silver Safari Zone. the major problem i'm having is 4th gen starters and 3rd and 4th gen legendaries. if you're interested in trading, feel free to leave a comment and we can trade friend codes/work out a time to trade!)

and gosh, i'm really sorry that i have to much trouble keeping my "usually on Thursdays" schedule. i'm ridiculous. i'm trying to work on posting more regularly and more often.


Apr 5, 2013

i just got Garrus on my team in Mass Effect 2 and i'm so excited. i'm definitely crushing on that turian. he's a majour cutie (and the way he talks to you when you meet up with him in ME2, oh man. he definitely missed me a lot between games)


Mar 29, 2013

i played through the first Mass Effect fairly recently, and i'm going to be moving on to the second one kinda soon (after i play some more Skyrim... i just made my character a vampire and i'm hanging out with Serana and Lord Harkon). i really really enjoyed it and i'm excited for more! defs looking forward to when i finally get around to playing ME2.

(also i'm playing Mass Effect as a female Shepard specifically so i can make out with Garrus. for serious, why couldn't they have made all the characters quantum sexual, so that they could potentially be in a relationship for whatever sort of Shepard you play as? plus there just aren't very many lesbian relationships in the series at all. hopefully in future Mass Effect titles Bioware/EA [i think EA is the biggest problem] will be better about it)


Mar 25, 2013

continuing from the last comic. seriously, Ceci had to help me calm down after winning all the Animorphs book on Ebay. i don't know that i have any plans to bid on anything on Ebay any time at all in the near future.

also, this is totally unrelated, but my awesome friend Clyde Webb has a new album coming out tomorrow, but he put it up for sale (name your price! even free!) on his bandcamp already, 'cause it's the 26th on the east coast! go check it out because it is incredible and amazing.


Mar 21, 2013

dude, there are so many Animorphs books and at this point now i'm only missing like nine total. 'spretty great.


Mar 14, 2013

i'm really really vain sometimes, but gosh, i'm pretty, so it works out.

also to go with this comic, here's The Mountain Goats' cover of "You're So Vain"


Mar 12, 2013

i'm so sorry i missed my Thursday this last week! i'm trying to get back to drawing a bunch of comics and getting plenty of updates up but i'm very very good at procrastinating. we should be getting back to our regular schedule soon!


Mar 2, 2013

seriously, i just buy and buy and buy video games. i bought Ni No Kuni, put 20 something hours into it (i made it to Castaway Cove, for those wondering), and bought all three Mass Effect games. i still have stacks and stacks of games for multiple systems that i've never beaten. and that's not even counting all the games i've got from Humble Bundles (which i made a goal of beating this year, but i've only beaten two so far). basically i'm really ridiculous about buying video games. but i just love them so much, gosh.


Feb 25, 2013

i've had the very great pleasure of eating tacos in some form for dinner both tonight and last night and i love them. i love tacos. tacos are so very good.


Feb 21, 2013

i just have a whole lot of feelings about Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman. they showed the last episode of season 5 a couple days ago, and it was seriously such a great show. it's got a talking dog, ridiculous prizes, and absurd plotlines, and the kids on the show got to do some sweet things (watch baby sea turtles hatch from eggs? learn magic from Penn and Teller? meet Ted Kennedy? and those are things from just a few episodes). also a fairly large part of me wishes it hadn't ended so that i could work on it someday? i feel like that'd be a completely amazing job, working on an animated (or partially animated, in the case of Fetch!) for PBS.