Dec 26, 2013

my amazing girlfriend Ceci drew a guest comic this week for Christmas! she's super great and really cool (and look at this cool comic she drew??? she's super awesome)


Dec 19, 2013

i'm hibernating until Christmas, wake me up on the 25th


Dec 13, 2013

seriously if i have access to Red Vines or Twizzlers i will eat them until they are gone.

also i finally finished Half-Size #6 and should have that available for purchase by next week! i've also got to format Remain, my 24 Hour Comics Day comic, and then i can have that ready too!


Dec 6, 2013

i beat Half-Life 2 today! now onto Half-Life 2 Episode 1 (as soon as i beat a couple other games first, probably. plus i've still got a lot of stuff to do in Fallout 3). in case you can't tell, this is supposed to be the G-Dan. i still don't know what the Gman is up to and i don't trust him at all.