Jan 27, 2011

and here's the last comic i'll be posting about werewolves for a little while. i hope you enjoyed them!

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Jan 24, 2011

i have, in the past worked on a werewolf-themed rpg, though i don't actually yet have a beta version (or really anything very presentable) ready.

the premise i thought of was this: lycanthropy was a (fairly) newly contracted virus that provided symptoms that could be quite dangerous for others nearby. as such, as soon as a reasonable medicine that could downplay the symptoms was developed, being an untreated werewolf was made illegal.

see, this made for a few interesting possibilities:
one. you could have untreated werewolf outlaws, needing to avoid the authorities.
two. you could have law enforcement officers trained to hunt werewolves.
three. you could have unofficial werewolf hunters, who just dislike werewolves and try to hunt them without any real legal authority.
four. you could have werewolves who were trying to treat their lycanthropy, but due to money issues or whatever other problems are unable to take their medicine.
five. you can have black market lycanthropy medicine companies who are making a cheaper, less effective product than the big name monopoly who first started producing the treatments, leading towards accidental transformations and mutations in the virus and other problems.
six. varying strains of the lycanthropy virus, having different effects including blacking out and waking up some place else hours later, remaining conscious but having an in-game requirement to kill and eat a living animal, etc.

and that's all the main points that i'm remembering at the moment. it seemed like an interesting idea to me, so i wrote down kind of a bunch of notes, but i never really finished anything. i might go back to work on it at some point, but i'm not sure.

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Jan 21, 2011

as a special treat for post number 200 and the comic's 2 year anniversary, i've written a song for this post! here's a video of me playing it, and you can download it below, too!

download here (it's the second one down): http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_music.cfm?bandID=894894

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Jan 20, 2011

has anyone else made this joke before? i feel like it's wicked obvious.

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Jan 19, 2011

with today being the first full moon of the year, i thought a holiday honouring werewolves was appropriate.
as such, i have made a costume to wear today, and i've printed out little werewolf trivia cards, with a full moon calendar for 2011 on one side and a bio of a famous werewolf or some lycanthropic information on the other side. i've been handing them out to some people today, and it's going pretty great.
so, just like elliott, i say we let out a howl of solidarity for our more wolfy members of society! awoooooo!
this is number 198. only 2 more to go till 200!

Jan 18, 2011

here's number 2 of this week's 5 posts! it's my yearly "Letter to Margot" comic.

also, it's true! i have enrolled in a couple classes, and i'm pretty pumped.

this is number 197! please stay tuned this week for even more comics!

Jan 17, 2011

this is a real conversation i had with my roommate, or at least a paraphrase. it turns out the shirt he had been wearing was a Volcom Stone shirt.

also, to celebrate the fast-approaching 2 year anniversary of this comic AND the very near 200th post, i'll be posting a brand-new comic everyday until friday! i hope you'll all be sure to check back often to read all the new posts!

oh, an another thing: remember! you can by copies of my minicomics from my store, which you can find at the link to the left. also, if you're in or near the Pocatello, ID area and you don't want to buy one online but you can't find me, you can purchase Half-Size #1 (aka "Asterisk") at Main Street Coffee and News at 234 North Main Street in Pocatello! they're three bucks, plus you can get some delicious coffee and hang out in a way cool place.

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Jan 13, 2011

also for Christmas i got the awesome book Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 by David Petersen. it was way great, and i definitely recommend reading it.

and because it was so great, i decided to draw this picture of me if i was in the Mouse Guard, kind of in David Petersen's style. i picked the name Anson because i randomly came across it in a baby name book and thought it was wicked cool.

you can learn more about the Mouse Guard comics here.

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Jan 11, 2011

i loves me some Outlaw Star. it's a ridiculous show, but i love it. it basically invented the future in my mind. i absolutely love the combination of science and magic, and i love it that some of the spaceships have arms on them so they can have melee hand-to-hand battles. so great.

this is number 194

Jan 10, 2011

first of all, i want to thank my grandma for the Christmas money. i plan on giving her a call tomorrow, actually. i was going to do it tonite, but i lost track of time and now i'm afraid it's a little late to be calling her.

second, i really definitely recommend Tove Jansson's Moomin comics (or, really, anything by Tove Jansson at all). the comics so expertly show these ridiculously lovable characters doing hardly anything but being their ridiculous selves. the comics are kind of divided into stories, but these stories don't often follow that much of an over-arching plot- it's more of a situation the characters are all put in, where each action Moomin, Sniff, the Snork Maiden, etc., takes leads to a new situation. it's always very silly and loose and fun to read, and really, the characters are so amazingly adoreable. you must give the moomins a read in some form, whether it be in the novels or the comics. it's all so good.

and third, i really am feeling like a comics-making machine. i have drawn a whole bunch more webcomics to be posting in the near future (we're approaching both 200 posts AND 2 years pretty soon!) and i've been making copies of 4 different minicomics, which are all now for sale on the store page of my site (if you don't click the link you just read over, click the "Store" button on the left side of the screen). i'm feeling way good about this whole comics thing, and i'm very excited.


Jan 6, 2011

sorry for no new comic tonite, but i do have some announcements. i have made a couple minicomics, bigger than my little ones (The F Word and Breathe) and i'm really happy with how they've turned out. the first one is called "Half-Size*" and i've posted the cover above. it's a few unrelated stories, some fictional and some at least somewhat based in reality.

the second, "Half-Size #2: November Dailies 2010," is a collection of daily comics i did during the month of november about my day everyday. here's one of them, featuring my friend Richell and her cat:

so yeah, i'll be having those for sale pretty soon, and i'll have more details about that in the near future.

this was post 192.

Jan 3, 2011

it is now 2011, which is pretty crazy or something, i guess. what this means for me is that we're just about at 200 posts and two years here at "i'm here to see if you can fly with broken wings"! i think that's pretty cool, and i'm pretty pumped about it.

so i hope you have a wonderful year, and i hope you all succeed at your new year's resolutions.

this is number 191! only 9 more to go until 200!