Mar 31, 2011

this comic goes out to my brother, with whom i had this conversation a little while back. tums.


Mar 28, 2011

another "Dan is sick" comic. i've kind of been sitting on the whole "Goonies never say die" thing for a while (like maybe since just a few months after i started this comic), but i was never sure how i wanted to use it.

majour thanks to Nathan "Badger" English, who i used as a model for Elliott's unzipping hand in frame two.


Mar 26, 2011

ah, dude, i can't believe i forgot to post this on thursday, i'm so sorry. this is like the first time i've missed my thursday update without saying beforehand that i wouldn't be posting anything.
also, this is totally my cold-fighting method.
number 223

Mar 22, 2011


Mar 17, 2011

i don't really watch the show often, but from what i've seen, i'd seriously guess that Sam and Freddie are more of what the writers were intending than Freddie and Carly. i mean, honestly.


Mar 15, 2011

more pokemon comics, sorry.


Mar 14, 2011

it was seriously sooo rainy today, it was crazy. i originally wasn't going to post a comic tonite, but i got the idea for this one in my head because of the rain, and i've also written a new one for tomorrow, too, so i've had to push the comics i had scheduled farther out to make room for it tomorrow.

also, this is another pokemon comic, in case you don't know. sorry about all the pokemon comics these days.


Mar 10, 2011

it's not really all that wintery out right now, it's actually all rainy and like mid 40s. but still, i could (and do) drink hot chocolate any time of year, for sure.


Mar 8, 2011

and here's the second half of my "cast as Outlaw Star" characters thing. it's Twilight Ryan, Ainsley Clan-Clan, and Nicodemus II on one side, and Hubble and Dan MacDougall on the other. and, as it turns out, i have a secret tumblr that i've been posting on, and if you follow it, you may have seen this picture yesterday. that's part of the deal with my tumblr- i'll be posting some of my non-webcomics stuff, and i may post some of the stuff that'll go on here earlier than i'll put it up on this site. also on my tumblr i talk about Pokemon A LOT, so if you're not into that, i'm sorry.


Mar 7, 2011

two comics for you today! this has been me the last 36 hours, playing my newly acquired Pokemon White. if you have either White or Black, let me know your friend code, and i'll give you mine, and we can trade/battle/chat! it'll be fantastic!


Mar 4, 2011

seriously, i am so excited for the new Pokemon games, i just had to make another comic about it. i drew this last nite, really fast, with the intention of posting it today, and i hadn't planned on posting anymore comics at all until like monday at the earliest.

also, i really did teach my Farfetch'd the move Poison Jab. i've been listening to the awesome Pokemon podcast "It's Super Effective!" lately and they do a featured team of the week, where you can submit your team and they'll rate it, so i've been revamping my team in SoulSilver a lot. it's most way done, but i was wanting to teach my Buizel the move Dive and that requires a totally stupid amount of BP in the Battle Frontier, so i may have to give up on that. hopefully sometime soon i'll be submitting my team to the podcast for them to review, even though i don't really play Pokemon against other people at all, and i think that's really what their ratings are based off of.

anyways, this is number 215!

Mar 3, 2011

it's true, the library has two. i want one so bad. once, me and matt (and maybe jessica? i don't remember if she was there or not, but i don't think so) thought about pretending our friend Tori (who is kind of short) was a young child so we could play with one of the triceratops with her help, but we didn't want to lie to the library.


Mar 1, 2011

i recently finished watching the whole thing of the show Outlaw Star, and it was fantastic (well, episode 23 was completely ridiculous and unnecessary). so, i'm drawing the cast of this comic as the characters from the show. i'll be posting another one of these with some more characters in a few days.

so here's "Hot Ice" Emerson, Chance Hawking, Elliott Starwind, and Clemfina. that last one isn't really my favourite of these name portmanteaus i'm making, but it's alright.

number 213!