Feb 28, 2014

sorry i didn't post a comic yesterday! i totally spaced on what day it was, and then today was taken up by video games. i got into the Elder Scrolls Online beta and it's pretty cool. i'm not a big fan of MMOs but i do like TES a lot.

i've been playing a Khajiit templar named Kal'rah, he's pretty cool:

shortly after i took this screenshot i switched to a magic axe i got. i'm a pretty big fan of the character customisation in ESO, i wish the game wasn't gonna be so expensive though.


Feb 21, 2014

i've moved up all my previous generation Pokemon to my Pokemon X game and it's pretty awesome. they all love eating the little Pokepuffs and having their bellies rubbed, even all the legendaries. my favourite is maybe Regigigas, who doesn't have a face.


Feb 14, 2014

seriously, this video is so good:

happy v day, everyone.


Feb 7, 2014

i totally spaced the fact that i reached another year of doing this webcomic! i've been distracted with video games and work and stuff, i guess. here's to another year of this stuff! i've been doing it for five years now and i'm pretty proud of myself, and i'm really thankful to all of my readers who've kept with me this far!