May 21, 2009

one: if you want to see a crazy movie about vikings and aliens and Jesus and Hellboy and Ollivander and a vampire, you should look up Outlander. also, it is very very very very very heavily based on Beowulf. it's a crazy movie. and one of the main viking characters in it looks a lot like the guy who plays Faramir in the Lord of the Rings movies.

two: there are like a million spiders in my house right now, and i'm not a fan. there was one on the tv screen before, and there was one on the lampshade [that one was kind of really big] and there was a little one dangling above the couch. i don't like spiders, they creep me out. actually, all bugs in general creep me out. ugh.

three: i'm thinking about reading some of Tove Jannson's Moomin books this year, but i don't know where i can find a copy of Comet in Moominland, which seems like the coolest one ever. back before i really read any books i checked it out from the MPL to look at the cool illustrations, and now that i actually want to read it, they don't have that book anymore. they just have like three others. and the L-Port doesn't have any, which is super lame, 'cause the L-Port is a lot closer to my house than the MPL so it's easier for me to go to. oh, and in case you don't know, th Moomin books are children's books about trolls. they're super awesome. i read like two of them when i was younger, but i want to read them again, because they're really weird and cool.

four: clem kinda looks like a horse in this one, i don't know how that happened. also, you may notice that i used a lot of copy and paste on this comic, but you might not notice it, it dunno. i dunno how attentive you guys are to the drawings in my comics. whatever.

five: i found out tonite that my friend miriam's birthday is on the same day that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince gets into theatres. she's so lucky.

goodnite, i'm going to bed.

this is number 35.

Moominpapa's Memoirs and Comet in Moominland are copyright Tove Jannson.

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