Jun 11, 2009

based on a true story, except in the true story we had gone to a wedding then to a movie, not to a rock show. also, matt, mikki, samlyle and jersica were there. and we had some ANZAC biscuits. they were pretty good. also, that was a big adventure and an interesting day, for sure.

oh! and another thing. i don't think PowerSprite had been invented yet when we had that adventure. in case you're wondering, PowerSprite is half Sprite, half blue Powerade. it's amazing and you should all try it.

also, i didn't have work today, and today has been very relaxing. it's been nice.

this is number 43.

Sprite and Powerade copyright Coke-a-cola


Sam Lyle said...

OMG YES!!!! such awesome times...

Sam Lyle
(sorry I'm commenting so much, i can't help it, i'm feeling nostalgic...)

Sam Lyle said...

sorry...double commenting, but, why did he go to a gas station and no carl's jr.?