Sep 27, 2009

in that first frame, Ainsley looks like she's really mad or maybe evil or something. i dunno. when i drew it in pencil first, she didn't look likethat, but i guess she really didn't like it when i went over it in pen.
also, i have a Daniel Johnston record [Yip/Jump Music] and cassette tape [Frankenstein Love] coming in the mail for me soon. i want them to hurry up and get here already.
oh, and another thing: i totally would preorder the new Say Anything album, deluxe edition, but it's way hecka expensive. i mean, 89 dollars? come on. that's a little much. i'm still probably going to preorder the album, though, but not the deluxe edition. and if it's really good and i can find a copy at Hot Topic, i'll probably buy the vinyl of it eventually.
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