Oct 30, 2009

i'm really sorry for the lack of updates these days. i've been really busy with making halloween costumes for me and my friends. also, i've had limited internet access. but, here's a couple comics.

me and a bunch of friends [me, matt, michaelmartin, aminda, ayla and maybe richelle] are going as cats. also, in real life, it's my brother who is being a cat from Sailor Moon. also, i seriously recommend that everyone see the movie The Cat Returns. it's great. and i really am going as Baron. i still have to make my ears and a vest, though. i'm not so pumped for the vest, 'cause i've never made one before, but i'm gonna make that tonite.

and here is all the characters in their halloween costumes!

also, i REALLY like Nick as Simba and Dan as Bucky. it's tricky dressing up anthropomorphic dogs as cats, just so you know.

this is post 70

Baron and The Cat Returns copyright Studio Ghibli, Meowth copyright Nintendo, McGonagall copyright JK Rowling, Simba copyright Disney, Artemis copyright Naoko Takeuchi and Bucky Katt copyright Darby Conley


veggiediabetic said...

Why is nobody dressing as the Cheshire cat?!

orange is the new "i love you" said...

i thought about having one of them be the cheshire cat, but i wasn't quite sure how to draw that costume. also on the list of potential costumes was the cat from Kiki's Deilivery Service and Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.