Nov 9, 2009

one: if you haven't ever read any of the moomintroll books by Tove Jansson, i really really really recommend it. they're fantastic. also, they're children's books, so they're really quick reads.

two: i really like this comic, because first of all, elliott's drawing of the Snork Maiden is completely awful, and secondably, clem's face in the very last frame is wonderful.

three: in case you haven't yet noticed, this comic is longer than usual! i've decided that i'm going to try doing a few long comics every once in a while, because they're fun.

four: all things Moomin are copyright Tove Jansson.

five: there once was a tv show called "Moomin" in 1990 or so, and it was the most ridiculously amazing thing ever, probably. if ever you feel like purchasing dvds of it, you should buy them for me, because then i will love you forever.

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...four: All things Moomin are copyright and trademark of Moomin Characters Oy Ltd, a company founded by Tove and Lars Jansson in 1977. More info

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