Mar 4, 2011

seriously, i am so excited for the new Pokemon games, i just had to make another comic about it. i drew this last nite, really fast, with the intention of posting it today, and i hadn't planned on posting anymore comics at all until like monday at the earliest.

also, i really did teach my Farfetch'd the move Poison Jab. i've been listening to the awesome Pokemon podcast "It's Super Effective!" lately and they do a featured team of the week, where you can submit your team and they'll rate it, so i've been revamping my team in SoulSilver a lot. it's most way done, but i was wanting to teach my Buizel the move Dive and that requires a totally stupid amount of BP in the Battle Frontier, so i may have to give up on that. hopefully sometime soon i'll be submitting my team to the podcast for them to review, even though i don't really play Pokemon against other people at all, and i think that's really what their ratings are based off of.

anyways, this is number 215!

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Matt said...

This comment should have said, "This is dedicated to my brother, Matt. About 97% of the conversations I've had with him in the last six months have pretty much been this.