Jan 23, 2012

i'm not actually a hundred percent sure that i spent a month playing video games in 2011, but it's likely that i spent somewhere around that, which, in retrospect, is kind of gross.

i dunno. a month translates to about 730 hours, and i put i think about 140 into Pokemon White, 125 (and seven seconds! i'm so bummed that my save wasn't a round number when i retired my first character. also, i probably put more than that, what with console freezes, a new character, unsaved exploits that i decided to undo, etc.), and a bunch of hours into Borderlands, and i beat Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, Portal 1 and 2, Bioshock, Dragon Age: Origins, PMD2, and i've also played a whole lot of other video games that i don't remember right now.

maybe in 2012 i should actually resolve to play less video games than last year, i don't know. also, how did i even find time to play so much video games? i was in at least one class both semesters of 2011, i went to California for a week, where i didn't play any video games, i limited my video game playing during Lent, and i was working a decent amount the whole year through. and it's not like i missed out on too much sleep. interesting.

also, you may have noticed that this is another one of my 'Dear Margot' comics! that's because this last Saturday, January 21, was the third anniversary of i'm here to see if you can fly with broken wings! hooray!

anyway, this is #309

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