Mar 1, 2012

i haven't actually given up chocolate milk for Lent this year, but i have in the past. one such year, my awesome friend Ayla, to whom this comic is dedicated, did basically exactly what Clementine does in this comic, but to a much larger degree. it was pretty awesome.

also, with this comic, i do not mean to vilify people who taunt or tempt or joke in this manner with people who make Lenten sacrifices. actually, i'm all for the temptation being presented. if you're not tempted to partake of the things you give up for Lent, then what's the point of giving them up? if you have no interest in doing them, giving them up will very likely hardly be a big deal. one of my friends (woo Tom!) attends the University of Notre Dame, and if i remember correctly, he told me last year that since it is a Catholic school (and despite portions of the student body not being Catholic themselves), they do not serve any meat on campus on Fridays during Lent; he went on to tell me that as a practicing Catholic who abstains from eating meat on Fridays in Lent, he wishes they would have meat options. when no meat is even available, it's hardly a choice to not eat meat. so if i tell you what i give up for Lent, feel free to tempt me with it.

also as a sidenote, i do not speak for all Catholics when i say this, so you might not want to take this as an end-all-beat-all point of view for when dealing with people who give things up for Lent. i cannot say for sure that all people who make Lenten vows will appreciate the behaviour i have advocated in the last paragraph, but i, personally, am fine with it.


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