Jul 19, 2012

majour thanks to Dave Mcneill for sharing some Faygo with me (and a few other people) last night. good deal.

also i just want to add: i am not trying to make fun of Juggalos or anyone who likes Faygo. i say, if you like something, and it's not harming anyone, that's awesome. you like it as much as you can. like it so much it makes you cry, like it so much you go out of your way to get it, like it so much that it matters more to you than anything else. if you like Faygo, that's awesome. i, personally, find it to be a little sharp and sweet, but whatever floats your boat. and i do still find it fun to drink.


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Anonymous said...

Maybe there's a "secret" ingredient. You know "Coke" got its name?