Aug 4, 2012

i feel absolutely terrible that i missed my Thursday update. i'm so so so sorry, you guys. hopefully this extra long comic at least partially makes up for it? also, just so you know, i'm going out of town with my family for about a week, so there won't be any updates for a little while. i'm planning on posting a comic on probably Saturday, August 11.

also, cool news! i've got a two-page comic in an Idaho comics magazine a friend is putting together! he's got a kickstarter for the project going at, and there's a little over a week left! any backing you can do would be fantastic, and even if you can just signal boost it, i'd greatly appreciate it!

also here's the song that's referenced, if you're wondering:


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Anonymous said...

Hey, Clem, next time you're stuck in the rain, and Elliot is nowhere to be found loaning you Dan's umbrella; just remember those last two panels.