May 10, 2013

i'm really enjoying the Animorphs books so far, i definitely wish i had read them when i was younger. i am missing i think 9 of the books though. if, perchance, you happen to have a few Animorphs book from later in the series that you don't want, feel free to let me know, because i might be interested. i don't remember right now which ones exactly i'm missing (i think #38, a couple in the 40s, #54, and Visser, and maybe a couple more) but i have them written down somewhere. also, if you're a fan of the Animorphs books, i'd love to talk about them with you sometime! i'm only a few books into the series at this point, so please no majour spoilers, but i'm getting there!

and heck, i am seriously awful at keeping this updated and i'm really sorry.


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