Feb 26, 2009

here's elliott. some of you may recognise this a very similar to a picture i drew a while ago. i changed a couple things, though.

also, matt: just so you know, i tried having text when you move the mouse over the image, but it didn't work for some reason.

oh! and a fairly important thing! here's the link to my cafepress store! you can buy all kinds of wonderful 'i'm here to see if you can fly...' stuffs, like hoodies, buttons, i think there's a shirt, stickers, a tote bag, and i don't remember what else! it's crazy! please check it out!

number twelve

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Anonymous said...

Pete Rude, you should totally do a full colour version of this picture, because I want to make it my background but it's too bright...if you do I will love you forever.

Sam Lyle