Feb 22, 2009

okay, here's the valentine's day [DOIT! DOIT with your VALENTIME!] comic i drew. i like it a lot, except for some reason the scanner killed it a little bit.

but to tell you the truth, i'm not too bummed about that. for forever, i've been seeing artists say things like, "sorry it looks so bad... the scanner ruined it... it looks a lot better in real life." and now that i'm saying the same thing, i feel like a real artist. it's like when i first played chords in front of people on the guitar and i actually felt like a real musician.

and here's a sketch of elliott. this is the first picture i ever drew of him. he doesn't look exactly the same these days, but he's pretty close.

also, in case you're wondering, i'm uploading all of these pictures to a photobucket account, then pasting the image in this blog. otherwise, the picture isn't the right size. i'm not really sure why.

number ten

Romeo + Juliet copyright Baz Lurhmann

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