Apr 23, 2009

again, inspired by real events. this convo pretty much actually happened.

me and matt [my brother, in case you don't know] have been watching the show Firefly tonite. it's amazing. i really wish two things about it, though:

one) i wish it hadn't been canceled.
two) i wish i had been a fan of it when it was actually on television.

i sincerely hope the future is like that depicted in Firefly. also, i hope [if you hope, the answer's nope, if you pray, you'll get your way] that i live long enough to be a part of that future, or that i somehow am time-traveled to said future. that would be awesome.

also, there's this computer game called Freelancer. if it wasn't only available for the windows operating system, i'd say that i want to play it, because i think it would help me satisfy my "space colonial" genre-hunger.

for now, though, i'll just have to play Escape Velocity: Nova for a bit, because that games amazing. also, matt: i just downloaded EV Nova again, so it's on the laptop in the "applications" folder, if you're interested.

and another thing to note: i'm not really a fan of how simple the blogger website is. because of how dumbed down everything is, i can't customise it as fully as i would like to, and i don't get to have the fun of writing up the html code. when i try to do that, it freaks out and doesn't work, so i had to settle for just a little bit of code, and it's lame. and i, personally, think that a person should know that <i> means italicise and <img src="..." > puts in a picture if they're going to be italicising things or putting in pictures on the internet. i'm picky like that.

this is number 26, i'm sorry that i typed so much.

Poptarts are copyright Kellogg.

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